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The True Value of Your Event Meeting Scheduling Software: A New Revenue Tool

by Ravi Chalaka
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Can the right scheduling software really be a revenue tool? What’s the connection? In-person and hybrid events can be hectic, big-budget environments. Still, they’re business-critical for attracting new leads, generating sales pipeline, and building long-term revenue. Want to learn more? Check out our latest post.

In the fast-paced event or trade show environment, having an automated meeting scheduling software in your back pocket is essential for setting up more quality customer engagements.

We’ve all grown accustomed to hybrid and digital meetings over the past few years. While they’re great for chatting with leads and clients from coast-to-coast, they’re not as impactful as in-person meetings.

You’ll reap several benefits from hosting in-person and hybrid events. Engaging more deeply with prospects and customers during any type of event remains your number one priority.

Whether it’s demos, executive meetings, booth tours, or other sessions, it’s no wonder that 85% of event professionals rate face-to-face interactions as either “crucial” or “extremely important” to expediting the sales funnel journey.

How can you leverage software that automates the scheduling of meetings for events to do more with less and increase revenue for your growing or established business? We’ll explain.

Better Customer Engagement With Personalized Experience

With so many options to choose from, there’s a decent chance that prospects and customers might choose a competitor over you. While that’s the nature of doing business, there are still effective ways to make sure you stand out and catch them first. And as for the ones you’ve already attracted, ensuring they have positive experiences with your firm is the best way to build brand loyalty.

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Trade shows and in-person events are among the best channels for engaging with new and existing customers. The next logical step is to set up meetings or assign them to your sessions at an event—made significantly easier with cloud-based software that automates meeting scheduling like Jifflenow’s eEvent App.

Using such software helps you:

Make a Good First Impression

First impressions can make or break a sale. When your salespeople can seamlessly schedule outbound meetings and automate meeting invitations and reminders without the cumbersome back-and-forth emails, you’ll immediately stand out as a company that’s ahead of the technological curve.

Generate More High-Quality Meetings

With inbound online scheduling, event and trade show attendees can quickly request meetings based on topics of interest. They can choose their preferred time slot and the right expert or executive who is mapped to the topic of interest to speak with, making them feel in control and open to potential business opportunities.

When information is captured up front, the meeting’s objectives, format, and points of interest are all identified, which helps improve the quality of the meeting. SMEs or executives can prepare for the exact layout, thus improving efficiency and increasing the likelihood of a meeting leading to business opportunities.

Save Time

Software that automates the management, and even reporting of meetings at events by event managers, saves time and increases productivity. Nobody has to waste precious time manually building spreadsheets as event meeting master calendars for managing participants, rooms, demos stations, etc.; or calling back and forth to schedule an appointment.

Provide a Personalized Experience

Personalized interactions lead to higher customer satisfaction and better overall experiences. With enterprise-grade meeting scheduling software, you can offer a wide range of engagement types that can fit the specific needs of each external meeting participant to help deliver a more personalized experience.

Increased Productivity for Company Representatives at Events

Your sales associates are the lifeblood of your business—and time is their most effective tool.

Relying on walk-ins and ad hoc consultation requests isn’t the most efficient use of their time, and can detract from other appointments when not appropriately scheduled. This creates a domino effect of staffing difficulties, inefficient workflows, and a less-than-ideal experience.

Meeting scheduling software like Jifflenow’s eEvent eliminates the most time-consuming parts of setting up appointments. Now, sales reps can focus on what’s most important—making sales. They can easily schedule meetings between customers and company subject matter experts (SMEs) or executives who are registered to attend the event, allowing them to pursue other opportunities in the meantime.

How else can you use this software to increase productivity among your sales associates?

Generate More Leads

According to GetApp, 94% of customers are more likely to choose a provider if that provider offers an online booking option. The eEvent meeting scheduling software allows customers to book times that are convenient for them. They can also reschedule without calling in, so your experts and executives can be booked elsewhere and not waste time on no-shows.

Better Time Management

When your internal event participants (experts, executives, sales, etc) spend more of their precious time at an event with qualified prospects and customers, their value is maximized. Pre-scheduled appointments also let them prepare and cultivate a more personalized customer experience.

Less Hassle

The most time-consuming part of any in-person event is setting up the actual meetings. Products like Jifflenow eEvent that automate the scheduling process for all users help you easily coordinate multiple calendars, set up the right room with the necessary people, and lock in the appointment.

Boost Prospects and Customers to Advance Along the Sales Pipeline at Events

During a normal day in the office, lead generation can be time-consuming. It’s the crucial first step in the sales pipeline. Your sales associates would love to take as many meetings as possible in a day—automating the scheduling process helps streamline the most challenging part.

Meeting scheduling software has become essential for salespeople who have to process leads and make their appointments. This software lets them make more sales, increase conversion rates, boost appointment “show” ratios, and generate more revenue.

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Assume you have the best digital ad on the internet. What good is that ad if the meeting booking process is complex and time-consuming? People don’t have 10 minutes to fill out forms, pick up the phone, or coordinate their calendars. When you book meetings online, this simplicity and efficiency can help you generate more conversions from your marketing efforts.

At in-person events, this scenario is taken to a whole new level. You may only have a few minutes, perhaps seconds, between prospects. Take every step necessary to ensure the most seamless experience possible for each.

LucidLink Testimonial: Turning Meetings Into Revenue With Meeting Scheduling Software

LucidLink, a rapidly expanding cloud storage firm founded in 2016, learned firsthand just how beneficial automated meeting scheduling software was to their sales pipeline after partnering with Jifflenow.

As Adam Kranitz, LucidLink’s VP of Marketing, says, “[Jifflenow] is more than just a meeting scheduling tool. It helps us book revenue.”

Kranitz knows the trade show and in-person event world all too well. He understood how chaotic scheduling meetings at such events could be—and recognized how Jifflenow could streamline the process with meeting scheduling software.

Furthermore, Jifflenow seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM, helping LucidLink see the bigger picture. According to Kranitz, “We can materially see the impact of those meetings in real time within our sales pipeline and see how those meetings are impacting our ability to create opportunities.”

Maximize the Value of Event Meetings With Jifflenow’s eEvent App

In-person and hybrid events can be hectic, big-budget environments. Still, they’re business-critical for attracting new leads and generating sales.

Don’t let the tedious process of booking manual meetings detract from your sales potential. Let Jifflenow eEvent handle the booking for you. You’ll be provided with all the tools needed to streamline your campaigns, turning quick and easy bookings at conferences and trade shows into increased revenue.

Get in touch with Jifflenow today to learn how the eEvent software for automating meeting scheduling can increase sales associate productivity, increase conversion rates, and maximize your sales pipeline.

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