eEvent Appointment Scheduling Software for Events


Proven and trusted meeting scheduling software for sales, event, and marketing professionals to schedule, manage, and analyze in-person and virtual engagements at trade shows and conferences.

Key Features and Benefits

eEvent™ software simplifies the scheduling, managing and reporting of meetings and sessions.


Leverage eEvent Web App, Jifflenow Mobile App or Jifflenow Salesforce App to access eEvent scheduling software from anywhere 24/7


Configurable to meet your workflows, enables a variety of engagement types, and supports multiple user roles to scale your events


Many Fortune 500 companies use eEvent to drive 1000s of customer engagements across various events


Meets the application and infrastructure security of large enterprises and supports GDPR compliance

How It Works

eEvent is a meeting scheduling software for in-person or hybrid events that increases the number and the quality of customer engagements by automating the scheduling, management and analysis of B2B meetings.

Meetings Matter!

Prospect and customer meetings with qualified event attendees have always been a critical step for growing the B2B sales. Events offer an excellent opportunity to engage highly targeted attendees along this journey. Maximizing different ways to engage attendees is key to better event ROI.

The Best Scheduling Software for Event Meetings

eEvent provides three core capabilities: Automated scheduling a variety of engagements, Workflow management, and Reporting and data visibility on meetings and influenced revenue.

Automated Scheduling

  • Outbound: Enables sales to easily book meetings
  • Inbound: Enables attendees to request meetings directly
  • Approval and Notifications: Supports automated and managed meetings approval processes
  • Free/busy time: Auto checking participant’s free and busy times from integration to calendars
  • User Friendly: Leverage Web App, Mobile App or Salesforce App for seamless scheduling experience
Schedule Meetings

Workflow Management

  • Engagement Types: Supports a variety of 1-to-1 meetings and 1-to-many engagement type
  • Meeting Resources: Manage available meeting rooms and its capacities
  • User Profile and Availability: Access internal participants details, mode-of-attendance and their availability based on topics
  • Executive Briefing Documents: Share secure meeting info document links
  • Surveys: Capture feedback from meeting attendees with built in surveys and meeting notes
  • Auto Check-ins: Capture attendance data for virtual meetings when integration to Zoom and Webex tools.
Meeting workflow

Reporting and Data Visibility

  • Dashboards: Track customer event engagement data such as number of meetings, customers, room utilization, popular topics, leaderboards, influenced revenue, etc.
  • On-Demand and Standard Reports: Generate and share KPI from a broad list of data
  • Data sync with CRM, MA and BI: Share meeting data across your sales and marketing tech apps.

Key engagement types supported by eEvent Software

eEvent software integrates with sales, marketing and event technologies

Jifflenow, the World’s #1 Live Engagement Platform provides:


Reduction in meeting scheduling efforts


Increase in customer meetings


Meeting Participation

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