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5 Reasons You Need to Automate B2B Meeting Management at Your Events

5 Reasons You Need to Automate B2B Meeting Management at Your Events

Automating B2B meeting management at events helps avoid costly problems…

The ROI of Meeting Automation at B2B Events

The ROI of Meeting Automation at B2B Events

The cost per event attendee is now 25% higher than it was in 2019. We’ll show you how it literally pays––in real ROI––to leverage the B2B meeting software…


The Ultimate Guide to Scheduling Customer Meetings at Your Events

As the global events industry continues to bounce back…


The Ultimate Account-Based Marketing Infographic

Event marketing comes with its fair share of challenges…

Jifflenow's 'impactful' eEvent App helped LucidLink exceed NAB 2022 goals

How Jifflenow’s ‘Impactful’ eEvent App Helped LucidLink Exceed NAB 2022 Goals

Witness LucidLink’s ‘powerful’ Jifflenow story.

LucdLink calls Jifflenow's eEvent meeting scheduling solution a key

LucidLink calls Jifflenow’s eEvent Meeting Scheduling Solution a Key “Revenue Tool.”

The bigger question is, what makes a trade show worth it?

Tracks and Sessions

5 Proven Strategies to Drive Attendee Engagements at Events in 2022

The opportunities and options to drive more value from events…

5 Tips to Convert Leads to Wins at Any Events

5 Tips to Convert Leads to Wins at Any Events

Leveraging live engagements at these events! Increasing the quantity, quality, and variety of your engagements at events….

Key Strategies and Best Practices for Driving Sessions

2020 & 2021 have taught us one thing, it is that we need to keep innovating…


What Are Inbound Meetings and Why You Should Leverage Them

In this cheatsheet, we decode Inbound meetings for you. What they are…

Standardize Meeting Automation Across Hundreds of Your Company’s Events

Learn how to gain efficiency and visibility from all types and sizes of events…

Top 5 Use Cases for Digital Marketing to Convert Leads to Virtual Customer Meetings

Top use cases for generating MQMs at live and hybrid events…

MQLs are Passé. Are you Generating MQMs?

Learn how Marketing Qualified Meetings (MQM) with prospects and customers drives the sales cycle faster…


G2 Report on the Best Conference Intelligence Software

Find out which software has been declared ‘Leader’ in the G2 Competitors’ Grid®


Customer Engagement and Events in the Backdrop of a Pandemic

Continue advancing the sales pipeline despite event cancelations due to Covid-19


7 Steps for Getting More Successful Meetings at Events

Learn how to get more successful customer engagements at events and influence the sales pipeline…

Drive Business

Why Your Events Fail to

Drive Business

Spectacle is seductive, but a Meeting Automation Platform turns attendees into loyal customers…

key to sales growth

Why Your Event Directors Are Key to Sales Growth

Give your event teams the tools they need to make your event a business success…

Better customer journeys and business growth with meeting automation platforms

Better Customer

Journeys and Business Growth with Meeting Automation Platforms

Increase the number and quality…

Discover How To Schedule, Manage, & Analyze Customer Briefings Easily

Discover How To Schedule, Manage, & Analyze Customer Briefings Easily

Delivering High-Quality Attendee Experience At Your EBC…

millenials ebook

The Millennial Event Marketing Handbook

Events are massive ordeals that require a great deal of effort and time. Sales and marketing teams…

increase revenue from events - jifflenow guide

How to Increase Revenue from Events

Everything you need to know about closing deals and building a sales pipeline at B2B events…

event profs metrics guide - jifflenow

The EventProfs’ Guide to Trade Show Metrics

Events are massive ordeals that require a great deal of effort and time. Sales and marketing teams are…

BFSI ebook cover screen

The New Finance Era: Leveraging B2B Events To Stay Relevant

Fintech startups are going to revolutionize the finance industry…

managing booth traffic - bg

Managing Booth Traffic For An Enriching Event Experience

Converting opportunities is the primary aim of any event marketing…

landscape of 1-1 meetings healthcare events industry

The Landscape of 1:1 Meetings in the Healthcare Events Industry

How to get the most out of 1:1 meetings at healthcare events…

3 steps to significantly higher event roi

3 Steps to Significantly Higher Event ROI

Better management of these B2B meetings can help establish very high return on event investments…

comprehensive guide on building successful B2B meetings - ebook cover

A Comprehensive Guide To Building A Successful B2B Event

Planning an event takes a great deal of time and effort. The planning process…

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