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Use Case

Demand Gen Campaigns

Successfully Drive the Last Mile of Campaigns with MQMs

Marketing Campaigns Must Generate More than MQLs

The customer is now in charge of the buying process even in B2B markets. Demand generation process must ensure that marketing efforts are relevant, effective and generate more real opportunities.

  • Creates awareness, education of, and interest in a company's offerings through the use of technology
  • Marketers need to optimize campaigns by continuously monitoring and managing all digital channels including emails, website, social platforms, blogs, search, communities, paid search, and online advertising
  • A true demand generation strategy accounts for every touchpoint in the buyer's journey to convert leads to opportunities faster and in higher volume
  • Chatbots have limited interaction with visitors, while B2B prospects and customers want to engage with your experts and in some cases executives to learn about specific topics of interest and make informed buying decisions
  • Modern digital marketers are successfully generating more sales pipelines by converting Leads (MQLs) to Meetings (MQMs) using Inbound Request Pages and Links

Jifflenow Inbound Request Pages Drive More MQMs

Shorten the sales cycle with customer requested Marketing Qualified Meetings (MQMs) from your demand gen campaigns.

  • Integrating Inbound Request Links to emails, banners, ads, etc., provides the most effective CTA (Call to Action) to many campaigns
  • Link enabled smart Inbound Request Pages are forms that can be customized to meet unique needs to filter meeting requests
  • Enable automatic processing for scheduling virtual or in-person meetings or implement an approval process depending on your organizational needs
  • Drive a wide range of engagements to match your campaign with product demos, expert meetings, sales meetings, partner meetings, and even executive meetings for top accounts

Better ROI from Demand Gen

Increase the ROI of your digital marketing campaigns by driving influenced revenue and not just volume of leads. Leveraging the same platform that event marketing teams have been using to schedule, manage and analyze B2B meetings at conferences, demand generation teams can now do the same from demand generation campaigns and increase the conversions to sales pipeline while accelerating buyer journeys.

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