The Event Marketer’s CRM or Marketing Automation For Sales?

We started out by helping corporate event planners eliminate manual meeting scheduling at events. But over time we asked ourselves – why should Marketing not capture and report what went on in those meetings? That is why we built the Jifflenow platform to schedule, manage, and analyze meetings across all events, conferences, and trade shows.

Event & Sales teams at hundreds of companies like Cisco, Oracle, McKesson, American Express, GE, Pfizer and Nokia use Jifflenow every day. Jifflenow offers the easiest way to setup 1:1 meetings at events. It also collects data about these meetings and builds reports and dashboards that prove beyond doubt the value of investing in events.


We’ve always had a special relationship with the word “COMMIT”. After all, every business meeting is a result of two or more parties ‘committing’ their time. And in today’s world, time is fast replacing money as the most valuable asset. Also, “COMMIT” truly reflects the deepest emotion we feel for our customers. Jifflers live and work based on shared “COMMIT” values.

Coach & Celebrate Good Talent

We believe strongly in ensuring every Jiffler learns new things and delivers like a rockstar. And when they do, we reward and recognize them.

Obsessed About Our Customers’ Success

For every action we take, we ask ourselves - how will this make our customers’ jobs easier? Jifflenow grows as a company every time a customer is recognized for their work.

Motivated & Purpose Driven Individuals

We will help the biggest companies in the world meet their customers, advance sales and close deals. This purpose drives every Jiffler on a daily basis.

Magnificient ‘All Star’ Team

We’re the twigs that are unbreakable since we’re tied together. At Jifflenow, “WE” always precedes “I” and we enjoy this exciting journey together.

Integrity, Openness & Transparency

There’s never an inch of space for the smallest of exceptions when it comes to integrity and ethics. Jifflers are upfront, candid, and fair. Always.

Thankful For Everything

Gratitude is in our corporate genome. Every little thing we’ve achieved is because of the unwavering support of our customers, partners, investors, vendors, colleagues, and their families.


Even though we’re rapidly expanding our user base, experiential marketing teams in Fortune 1000 companies as well as Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) continue to be our most vocal proponents. Watch this video to understand the enormous drive and passion with which they create customer experiences.



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