Meet the Expert | Accelerate Buying Decisions with Expert Meetings

Use Case

Meet the Expert

Accelerate Buying Decisions with Expert Meetings


Meet The Expert Programs Drive Customer Education

Meet the Expert (MTE) programs provide enterprise customers with the means to learn and understand details about products or services to make informed decisions.

  • Prospective B2B customers want to understand product details, watch demos, get answers from experts
  • Most companies have a pool of experts, available by region and topic to assist partners/customers
  • Manual process of scheduling appointments lacks efficiency and impacts the productivity of internal and external attendees

Jifflenow Simplifies Scheduling Meeting the Experts

Jifflenow meeting automation enables MTE for customers, and partners, simplifies the whole process and generates more meetings either virtual or in-person.

  • Organizations can set up a program with a pool of experts to drive MTEs by region, by topic or product or service
  • Sales teams can nominate customers for Meet the Expert
  • Customers can use a dedicated Inbound Request Page to select choice of dates and time and have their requests auto processed
  • Inbound Request Page’s topic mapping feature automatically determines the right available internal expert
  • Meetings can be configured to be auto-processed or manually processed based on approvals

Expert Meetings Lead to increased Revenue Pipeline

With Jifflenow it is easy to track the most effective experts or regions that have had the most impact on business. Customers value the ability to reach out to experts directly and find answers which help in faster decision making, which in turn drives revenue opportunity.

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