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Meet the Expert

Accelerate the Buyer’s Journey With Expert Meetings

Drive Customer Education | Meet the expert

Drive Customer Education

Potential buyers want to understand product details, watch demos and ask questions before making an informed decision. Meet the Expert (MTE) programs are the perfect way to give prospects peace of mind at a key point in their customer journey.

The only problem? Manual scheduling is error-prone and inefficient. It leads to no-shows, cancellations and double bookings, but worst of all, it drains productivity and costs you revenue.

Simplify the MTE Scheduling Process

Meeting scheduling automation streamlines the appointment booking process for customers, partners, and internal experts alike — no more back-and-forth communication.

  • Set up pools of available experts by region, topic, product or service.
  • Allow sales teams to nominate customers for expert meetings.
  • Create Inbound Request Pages for customers to select a date, time and topic of interest.
  • Map requests automatically to the most appropriate internal expert.
  • Configure meetings to be manually or auto-processed based on approvals.

Quantify Value and Boost Your Pipeline

Easily track the tangible impact your MTEs have on business performance. From one intuitive dashboard, view which experts or regions are most effective at producing results. Identify exactly which meetings led to revenue and generate on-demand reports to share with stakeholders and celebrate your wins.

Bridge the gap between prospects and experts. With Jifflenow’s meeting scheduling automation. platform, you can maximize the power of MTEs and drive revenue opportunities. Request a demo now to get started.

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