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B2B Meeting Scheduling Automated

Drive business growth for in-person and hybrid events through automated scheduling. Marketing and sales teams powered by Jifflenow book more quality B2B meetings––and bring in more revenue.


B2B Engagement Types

Automated to support every type of customer engagement: Jifflenow has you covered

1-to-1 Meetings

Meetings with a single customer, prospect or a 3rd Party


Product Demo


Sales Meeting


Meet the Expert

1-to-Many Engagements

Live or Virtual presentations to groups of businesses to educate or inform






Booth Tour


Bridge the Sales and Marketing Gap by Driving Meetings That Lead to More Growth

The gap between generating marketing leads and winning deals requires more face time for education or relationship-building engagement like meetings. Jifflenow’s meeting automation products enable marketing and sales to convert qualified leads into qualified engagements at events or ongoing marketing campaigns. It also provides visibility to meetings and sessions data, so you can see a direct impact on revenue.

Accelerate business growth by eliminating inefficient back-and-forth emails and scheduling errors. Automate the process with customizable workflows and easily manage and report on hundreds of B2B meetings and sessions.

Here's Why We're Loved By the World's Biggest Brands


in driving marketing qualified meetings

Jifflenow helps reduce meeting scheduling efforts for sales and meeting managers by 85% with fewer emails, time-zone errors, double bookings, etc. The automated workflows help manage internal and external attendee participation.

It’s the problem of the century that we have solved with Jifflenow"
- Lina D | EBC Events and Expansion Lead | Amazon Web Services


from more b2b meetings

B2B meetings and sessions have the most impact on advancing sales and business growth. Drive more engagements by automating both outbound and inbound scheduling. Sales teams can easily book customer to meet with experts or sign them into sessions, while marketing teams can enable inbound requests from prospects for meetings or sessions.

Where has this been all my meeting planning life?!”
- Stephanie S | | Source: G2


into key performance indicators

Dashboards offer meeting managers the ability to track the progress with key metrics such meetings booked, customers engaged, room utilization and more. After the event the standard and custom reporting capabilities gives access to broad data set to analyze the effectiveness of the event or campaign.

So many ways to track customer engagements. I think it’s an incredibly valuable tool"
- Laurie S | Strategic Consultant | Sharp Exp


trusted by 100s of enterprise companies

Jifflenow is a secure platform with enterprise-grade data security layers that meet compliance standards for data protection and privacy.

Great product for companies with heavy conference schedule”
- William O | Source: G2


"Throw away that spreadsheet and start using a Meeting Automation platform today!"

Tanya A | Chief Customer Officer

Event Marketing Authority

"Through Jifflenow, you can actually see the ROI and pipeline being generated at Executive meetings"

Liz L | Co-Founder

Haute Companies

"So many ways to track customer engagements. I think it’s an incredibly valuable tool"

Laurie S | Strategic Consultant

Sharp Exp

"It’s the problem of the century that we have solved with Jifflenow"

Lina D | EBC Events and Expansion Lead

Amazon Web Services

"It’s not just an event tool. It helps us book revenue. It’s a revenue tool.”

Adam K. | Vice President of Marketing


"It's so organized and intuitive, and that directly correlates to successful on-site meeting execution."

Bennett D. | Global Marketing Events Manager

Dell Technologies

"It should be a critical piece of any company's event tech stack. That's a huge testament to the value of Jifflenow."

Nicola K. | Award Winning Event Marketing Strategist

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