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Jifflenow for Events

Effortlessly Schedule B2B Meetings at Events

Meetings at events drive business growth. eEvent is proven and trusted software for event marketers and sales teams to schedule, manage, and analyze in-person and virtual B2B engagements at trade shows and conferences.


Reduction in meeting scheduling efforts


Increase in customer meetings


Increase in meeting participation

Schedule More Meetings at Events

Without The Chaos

Configurable and Scalable

Configurable and Scalable

Easily configure the software to match your unique workflows while supporting a variety of meeting types and users. Scale up to 100s or 1000s of meetings across multiple hosted and sponsored events.

User-Friendly and Flexible

User-Friendly and Flexible

A super intuitive interface for event meeting managers and internal users with choice of Web App, Mobile App, Outlook and native Salesforce App to schedule and manage the processes.

Secure and Compliant

Secure and Compliant

The Jifflenow platform is trusted because it protects sensitive data, maintains system integrity, and ensures the software is GDPR compliant.

How It Works

eEvent software allows attendees and sales teams to easily schedule meetings between customers and internal experts and enables event managers to setup and manage events, engagement types, locations, topics and analyze meeting data

The Best Meeting Scheduler for All Events

Automated Scheduling

Outbound Meetings: Enable your sales and customer-facing teams to easily book meetings.

Inbound Meetings: Enable your targeted customers and prospects to request meetings directly.

Approvals and Notifications: Define meeting approval processes and automate notifications to keep the attendees up-to-date.

Free/Busy Time: Dynamically display internal attendees’ calendar availability to schedule meetings.

Flexibility: Experience seamless appointment scheduling from Web App, Mobile App, eMeet App, and Salesforce App.

Meeting workflow

Workflow Management

Engagement Types: Meeting managers can easily set up various meetings, sessions, roundtables, and booth tours at an event.

Meeting Resources: Optimize the utilization of internal experts and meeting locations for cost efficiencies.

User Profile and Availability: Access internal participants’ mode-of-attendance, availability, and area(s) of expertise.

Executive Briefing Documents: Share meeting information and document links to make sure internal participants are prepared.

Surveys: Capture feedback from meeting attendees with built-in surveys and meeting notes from the mobile app.

Check-ins: Check in external attendees to an in-person meeting or auto-capture attendees for virtual meetings when integrated with Zoom or Webex.


Dashboards: Leverage interactive graphics to easily track crucial metrics such as number of meetings, customers, room utilization, popular topics, leaderboards, influenced revenue, etc. by each event.

On-Demand and Standard Reports: Easily generate and share KPIs from a broad list of data. Use built-in standard reports or create custom reports.

Data Synchronization: Share meeting data across your sales, marketing, and event tech apps to effectively strategize and execute follow-up campaigns.


eEvent Supports Many Engagement Types

1-to-1 Meetings

Between two Businesses

Demo- Meetings-jifflenow

Demo Meetings

Meetings or product demo stations for prospects and customers.

Expert Meetings

Meetings with subject matter experts to discuss products and solutions.

Sales Meetings

Meetings to advance sales cycle or evaluate customer needs.

Executive Briefings

Meetings with customers to review strategic updates and opportunities.

Dinner Meetings

Meetings at restaurants or VIP receptions to strengthen business relationships.
Tracks and Sessions-Meetings-jifflenow

PR/AR Meetings

Targeted reporters, editors or analysts meetings to increase share of voice.

1-to-Many Engagements

Presentations to a Group of Businesses

Tracks & Sessions

Business or technical presentations on different topics, products, services, etc.

Booth Tours

Managed guided tours around the booth to provide overview.
Roundtable meeting


Meetings with multiple parties regarding topics of common interest.

eEvent Software Integrates With Sales, Marketing, and Event Technologies


"It’s the problem of the century that we have solved with Jifflenow"

Lina D | EBC Events and Expansion Lead

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Manage all your events meetings in one place.

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