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Use Case

Virtual Events

Convert Virtual Event Attendees to Marketing Qualified Meetings

Virtual Events are the Hot New Channel for Engaging Customers

Like live events, virtual corporate events, user conferences, and field events draw attendees to learn and network.

  • Events organised across geographies and for vertical markets
  • One or more days per event
  • Built using a web portal or using virtual event software providers
  • Includes keynotes, breakouts, meetings, etc.
  • Costs less and reaches more attendees

Jifflenow is Designed to Generate Marketing Qualified Meetings (MQMs)

Jifflenow enables marketing to engage virtual event attendees and qualify them for meetings. Meetings can be scheduled over many days or weeks after the event. Jifflenow integrates with the virtual event portal to manage meeting requests.

  • Jifflenow web UI and Salesforce app allow the sales team to request meetings
  • Inbound Request Page enables attendees to request meetings by topic
  • Smart automation picks the right expert or executive for the meeting
  • Meeting managers can process the request and send notifications

More Meetings Drive More Pipeline

Jifflenow used with Virtual Events drives more meetings with attendees during and after events and advances sales opportunities. The software also enables reports and analytics to measure ROI and team productivity.

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