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Want To Schedule Meetings Across All Types Of Events? Consider This Flexible Solution

by Ravi Chalaka
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In-person events, conferences, and trade shows are back and bigger than ever. Attendance is climbing across the board, presenting more opportunities to engage and network with qualified prospects and potential customers.

But to take advantage of in-person events returning, companies must know how to schedule meetings in a digital-first age—and understand why flexible meeting scheduling software like Jifflenow’s eEvent is pivotal to success at such events.

Meeting With Clients During Events: Challenges and Hurdles

Whether in-person or hybrid, events like trade shows, conferences, and workshops are treasure troves of opportunity for drawing out new leads from your target audience. That said, it can be challenging to have engaging and meaningful conversations with your prospects without an effective way to schedule those follow-up meetings.

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Events come in all shapes and sizes, which is why having a scalable engagement system is crucial to success. Large-scale events will see tens of thousands of attendees, affording you only seconds to engage and schedule meetings. You need a system that can accommodate all of these sizes.

1. Why Basic Appointment Booking Software Doesn’t Work

What happens if you accidentally double-book yourself and lose out on someone who takes their business to your competition? How about getting notifications regarding last-minute changes to attendees? A digital solution can help mitigate these potential hiccups.

“What I find most valuable is [eEvent] allows us to integrate meetings with Salesforce, so that we can materially see the impact of those meetings in real time within our sales pipeline and see how it’s impacting our ability to create opportunities,” highlights Adam Kranitz, VP of Marketing at LucidLink.

Rudimentary software for scheduling meetings only provides basic booking capabilities used by small businesses and limited integration with your other business-critical apps.

This is where Jifflenow’s eEvent software for scheduling meetings shines above the rest. It manages participants, topics, locations, dates, and time zones and seamlessly integrates with apps like Salesforce to boost overall efficiency. No matter the event size, eEvent will maximize your meeting scheduling potential.

2. Forget the Days of Too Many Meeting Requests, Too Little Time

Depending on the size and location, it can take weeks—even months—to plan an event. Between logistics, travel, exhibits, and managing meeting requests between sales reps and attendees, event marketers already have more than enough on their plate. Knowing how to book meetings with the right scheduling software can reduce that burden significantly.

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Instead of multiple meeting managers scrambling to get all the information they need with hundreds of back-and-forth emails, one person can handle everything within the eEvent app. Your sales team can book meetings without chasing down emails, rooms, and subject matter experts (SMEs). Meanwhile, your internal experts and executives can attend more impactful meetings and receive important meeting context prior.

If you’re having too many low-impact attendee interactions, determine if you’re using the best available technologies for booking them. Are you inviting the right people? Are you making use of all the rooms you book? Are the right SMEs (subject matter experts) available? If your events are perpetually leaving these key bits by the wayside, it may be time to invest in more robust meeting scheduling software.

3. Manual Workflows During Busy In-Person Events Won’t Cut It

Some marketing teams insist on doing things the old-fashioned way, which is fine when dealing with clients on a smaller scale. But every second counts when talking about massive events with thousands of qualified prospects. Manual processes are time-consuming and inefficient compared to today’s technology.

When it comes to high-volume scheduling, automation is king. Such software removes human error from the equation—so say goodbye to no-shows, double-bookings, and time-zone issues. You can also send automated reminders to everyone involved with a meeting and quickly replace attendees who can’t make it.

What happens if you don’t have quick access to crucial information about the client? Wouldn’t it be better if that information was readily available in an easy-to-use app?

Meeting scheduling software like Jifflenow’s eEvent will help maximize engagement with qualified customers before competitors win them over. You need a solution to enable your sales team to easily schedule meetings prior to the event and also give you the ability to book meetings at the event. Ensure you’re using the best available technology to streamline your sales funnel.

How to Schedule Meetings During Busy Events? eEvent by Jifflenow!

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Success at B2B events boils down to real-time interactions—closing the loop between leads and sales. Jifflenow’s eEvent leverages meeting scheduling automation to help your marketing and sales teams convert targeted leads into scheduled appointments.

Over 50 Fortune 1000 companies trust Jifflenow’s eEvent software to turn sales and marketing event contacts into meaningful business meetings. These companies require three keys to meeting success:

  • Secure environments
  • Scalable solutions
  • Flexible location, participant, and meeting-type management

Why Is eEvent Better Than Your Appointment Scheduling App?

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Jifflenow’s eEvent takes “basic functionalities” of meeting scheduling software to an entirely new level. It delivers automated meeting scheduling, letting your sales team book meetings easily and attendees request appointments directly. The software handles notifications while auto-checking participants’ free time and room availability using integrated calendars like Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendars.

From there, those being requested will approve the meetings and reschedule those they can’t make. The best part? You can do this through a user-friendly web or mobile app!

With eEvent, you’ll never have to worry about manual workflow management again. Our software supports various 1-to-1 and 1-to-many meetings while tracking all available meeting rooms and their capacities.

Your sales team will enjoy access to essential attendee details such as availability and preferred attendance mode. eEvent’s robust security features also let all attendees share sensitive documents and information in a secure environment.

Jifflenow understands the importance of data, which is why eEvent uses built-in surveys to capture meeting participant feedback quickly. The software will also track attendance data for virtual and hybrid meetings through Zoom and Webex tools integration.

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As mentioned, Jifflenow seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, making it easier for prospects to schedule meetings without leaving the Salesforce environment. External attendees’ meeting and survey data will quickly sync with Marketo, allowing your marketing team to create campaigns based on these insights.

Schedule More Meetings With eEvent by Jifflenow

Jifflenow’s eEvent software for scheduling meetings will give your company the tools it needs to turn leads into impactful business opportunities. eEvent seamlessly integrates with and bolsters your current processes, allowing your sales team to focus on the customer—rather than the hurdles of manual, back-end scheduling.

Get in touch with Jifflenow and learn how to schedule revenue-boosting meetings with eEvent, our automated meeting scheduling solution for the digital age.

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