Corporate Event Planning 101: The day of the event

  In our previous blog posts, we covered some fundamentals of planning the perfect event experience. We recommend you give these a read before going ahead with this blog post:   Creating the perfect event plan. Structuring the event budget and forming strategic partnerships. Picking the perfect venue and initiating marketing. Organizing logistics. Two weeks […]

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Corporate Event Planning 101: 2 weeks to D-day

The blog series so far has covered some of the biggest tasks in Corporate event planning. Read our older blog posts on: Creating the perfect event plan. Structuring the event budget and forming strategic partnerships. Picking the perfect venue and initiating marketing. Organizing logistics. It’s the final leg before your event takes flight. Logistics are […]

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Corporate Event Planning 101: Logistics

You’re finally a month away from the event and there’s a lot of running around to do. Your event agenda takes center stage and there’s a lot to do in terms of getting your event agenda just right. The next step in moving forward with the plan is organizing logistics for your event. In our […]

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Corporate Event Planning 101: Venues and marketing

According to a report from the International Association of Conference Centres, “Meetings objectives have stayed the same, but the physical design, inclusion of technology, and emphasis on ‘experiences’ will play an integral role.” In our previous blog, we showed you ways to structure your budget and strategic event partnerships. After the budget has been put […]

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Corporate Event Planning 101: Budgeting and partnerships

Following up from our previous blog post, here is part two of a seven-part blog series on B2B event planning. Creating a budget for your event is usually done in parallel with the ideation phase. The budget is one of the most challenging parts of the event plan because event planners do not give it […]

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Corporate Event Planning 101: Creating the perfect B2B Event.

  This is part one of a seven-part blog series that will teach you to ideate, develop, execute, follow-up and measure your event from start to finish. Corporate event planning is not as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot of effort that goes into creating a memorable experience. The event, essentially, should not only […]

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Gearing up for when you are 30 days away from your B2B event

  Events are infinitely complex. There’s always so many things that you need to get just right to plan and execute a successful event campaign. You can seldom rely on things to go according to plan. But there are ways to ensure that event executives that plan meetings at trade shows and conferences have a […]

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How a meeting scheduling software makes for better productivity

With technology taking center stage in the modern workplace, it has become important to stay abreast with technological trends to boost productivity. Over the last two decades, technology has drastically reshaped the way organizations work. Industry leaders need to adapt to these changes to ensure that they use technology in an effective way, to stay […]

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5 things your event scheduling software should be able to do

  With events becoming more and more complex, a lot of businesses are moving out of the obsolete excel-based workflow and towards a more tech-savvy solution. This has given rise to a number of comprehensive meeting management software that perform a number of tasks and functions. But with so many possible solutions out there, which […]

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Weighing up career options for B2B event professionals

The events industry is always an exciting place to be. Bringing people together, creating spectacular experiences and building new businesses. Events are celebrated around the world and being in the midst of all of this is considered a privilege – so you’re on the right track. Everyone wants their careers to grow and go places. […]

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Choosing a venue for your B2B Event: A checklist

The venue makes your event. You can dress the place up real nice, make it shine, invite the best speakers and have great food. But the first thing that’s going to make an impression on your attendee is the venue itself. Where you choose to host your event will dictate how your attendee perceives the […]

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How to keep leads warm long after a B2B event concludes

If you are a sales professional, you’ve definitely faced clueless customers who don’t know whether they’ve met you at all after a B2B event. But that’s only fair; your customers only remember you if your pitch was extremely memorable and meant something to their business. More often than not, sales teams put in the effort […]

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B2B Event Planning Lessons: Steve Jobs

It’s that time of the year again. Apple’s Keynote is set for September 7th, and everyone’s really excited. Apple has created a property for themselves with this event, and there are lessons for us from it. But this will be yet another Keynote without Steve Jobs, who shaped their product launches and personally delivered the […]

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My First HCEA Connect

It was a really refreshing break from the yellow grass locales of California to be able to spend 5 days in lush green Savannah. Having been born and brought up in a tropical country helped me adjust faster to the sweaty, sweaty heat of Georgia. Of course, it really helped that the HCEA team had […]

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5 Problems with using spreadsheets for B2B meeting management

We have events to make meaningful connections with other enterprises. And connections in enterprises happen with meetings – the most important part of B2B events. In our previous blog, we discussed how we track and monitor so many aspects of events but leave the biggest factor in showing ROI (revenue potential discussed at meetings) to […]

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Why analyzing these metrics at B2B events is crucial

Events are more than just a chance to build brand awareness. They are venues to bring in customers, build a healthy sales pipeline and close deals. But how do you know if your events are delivering good results? Any sales professional knows that racking up numbers is only half the battle. The other half is […]

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What this Sushi chef can teach you about B2B Event Marketing

Jiro dreams of Sushi is a documentary, that follows around Jiro Ono, the (now) 90-year old sushi chef exhibiting his craft, and detailing the story of how he got there. The documentary is peppered with multiple instances of ever-quotable lines (like, “I would make sushi in my dreams” or “ Ultimate simplicity leads to purity”). […]

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Applying Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation to B2B Event Marketing

The classic theory of Human Motivation, also known as the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ was devised by American Psychologist, Abraham Maslow in the year 1943. It remains today as one of the greatest theories in understanding human needs and personal development. The theory was based on the assumption that unfulfilled needs warrant actions that are directed […]

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Stepping up your staff management regime at events

Choosing the staff for your events might seem simple enough – you just pick people on your payroll and assign them tasks according to their competencies. But all your staff, big and small, play an important role in the success of your event. Who you choose, and how they are organised goes a long way in […]

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A CEMA Noob Goes to Summit 2016

The CEMA Summit is one of the Event Marketing conferences we at Jifflenow look forward to with great excitement. In 2014, we won the Tech Shootout and met several prospects who have since become customers and strong spokespersons for our technology. Having moved to the US less than a year ago, it was my first time at […]

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Outbound Marketing and Inbound marketing are two faces of the B2B Sales coin

In recent years, inbound marketing has seen a significant amount of hype and attention. A number of organizations and marketers have jumped on the inbound marketing bandwagon hoping to leverage inbound marketing while focussing less on their outbound efforts. Very few organizations succeed with following just an inbound approach and the results are visible for all […]

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Optimizing the sales pipeline to enhance B2B sales performance

Sales teams often face stumbling blocks on a day-to-day basis. Deals that were close to being sealed are suddenly called off, leads do not get converted fast enough and the sales pipeline starts to  look meek. For this reason, sales reps and managers need to keep a close look at the sales pipeline and how […]

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Why marketers need to focus on B2B meetings that facilitate bigger deals

Almost all sales kickoff conferences begin with the Sales VP’s of the organization proclaiming that “We are really excited about the coming year! We’re going to close more deals than we did over the previous year.” This kind of rhetoric definitely goes a long way in energizing sales teams to work harder to get more […]

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How GenZ is redefining the rules of B2B event marketing

  Generation Z is a formidable population that comprises of nearly 25.9% of the US population. By definition, they are those who were born from the mid 90’s to the early 2000’s. Raised in the decade that saw the advent of the internet economy, this generation has seen constant churn in the technology era and has […]

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5 tips to effectively shorten your B2B sales cycle

One of the most important aspects that front-line executives look for in a sales meeting is a shortened sales process. Essentially, the decision-making responsibility of the sales process falls on senior management. They look for cues that help them close the deal faster. Barring referrals, leads often have a list of reasons not to buy […]

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5 ways to set realistic objectives to reach your event ROI goals

Like any other large-scale marketing struggle, B2B events are avenues that are impactful and involve several hours of planning. Event planners follow exhaustive methods to arrive at a feasible battle plan. While doing so, they need to pay special attention on how they set event objectives that are realistic and attainable. Event marketers need to […]

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Structuring a fail proof post-event plan for sales advancement

As marketers, a great deal of effort and time go into the actual planning of the event. The days leading up to the event are often crucial to adding last minute details. However, marketers need to evaluate the purpose of the event and what objectives the event needs to address. Event objectives are typically structured […]

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Approaching event ROI from a sales pipeline standpoint

B2B events have greatly evolved from what they have been in yesteryears. They are now exorbitant affairs involving enormous budgets. Event marketers put in a lot of time and effort into creation and execution during the days leading to the event but forget that measuring the impact is just as important. One tangible way of […]

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7 ways you can boost the number of leads you generate at B2B events

Events are growing in popularity as forums for marketing. There are fewer spaces in the B2B event industry that help companies engage prospects in a live environment, showcase their products and obtain first-hand feedback all under one roof. In a typical event, numerous leads are generated, hundreds of face-to-face meetings take place, and networking is […]

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10 influencers that are changing the way you approach B2B event marketing

It’s well known that social media is the new marketing platform. Brand influencers are those identities that have an immense amount of industry knowledge, often backed by first hand experience and provide expert opinions on specific subjects. They act as the ambassadors of thought leadership and trends. Not only do influencers offer their best foot […]

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The colossal significance of Smarketing in B2B Sales

The term Smarketing has become a guild-term of sorts referring to the cohesion between marketing and sales departments for the purpose of generating revenue. This blog will dive deep into how functional alignment between B2B sales and marketing coordination can help better sales performance. The term is especially relevant in the current scenario with the […]

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5 Lessons On B2B Sales Advancement From The Game Of Thrones

If the title of this blog caught your eye and made you open it, you are probably a part of the cult of Game of Thrones lovers. And why won’t you be ? It’s perhaps the only series that covers all aspects of a human life – love, hatred, ambition, honor, betrayal, retribution, redemption, pursuit […]

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The Evolution Of B2B Event Management

Marketing reflects the current state of a society and vice versa. It’s like the classic chicken and egg story. We can’t really pin-point which came first. Take a look at the marketing trends over the last 5 years, and you’ll instantly know how rapidly marketing has evolved. The digital revolution has become old as compared […]

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How To Tap Into Customer Advocacy For B2B Sales Advancement

  “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” - Jeff Bezos You can’t ensure what people say about you when you are not around. But you can definitely influence it by making one among them to vouch for you. Welcome to the world of brand advocacy – a […]

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Choose The Right B2B Event Technology In 10 Easy Steps

The last couple of years were marked by the advent of smart event technologies that have redefined the way B2B events are managed.  The surge in new event technology has been so steep that you are probably inundated with an app for almost everything. The temptation to make the most of these apps can cause […]

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5 Tips For B2B Sales Advancement Beyond Boardrooms And Events

Any sales executive will tell you that the most effective conversations sometimes happen outside the boardroom, in more personal spaces, where the client actually begins to trust you and your product. These conversations don’t always get recorded and are sometimes, lost in transition. Imagine if you could record each one of these interactions and take […]

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The 7 Absolute Must-haves To Become A B2B Sales Rockstar

B2B sales is a complex trade. Enterprise buyers tend to be way more aware than mass consumers and also have specific needs for each of their business problems. That is why, B2B buying cycles are long and it takes a lot of preparation and patience to close a deal. What does it take to ace […]

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EMS 2016 Wrap-up : Insights Into B2B Event Management

EMS 2016 was an exciting event, especially for B2B event marketers. For the first time in many years, we could see a shift from traditional branding at events to understanding event ROI from a revenue pipeline perspective. Our Jifflenow team was quite pleasantly surprised to see that event marketers are more and more moving towards […]

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Decoding Meetings Data To Boost Sales Performance And Event ROI

The success of a B2B event lies in how effective the sales meetings turn out. In the past, companies have focussed on events as a brand building platform and not on the number of deal closing conversations happening at these events. With the evolution of smart event technologies, it has become possible to access meetings […]

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Top 10 Reads On Enterprise Meeting Management At Events

2016 has been a pretty interesting year so far for the event technology industry. At Jifflenow, we diligently keep an eye on the recent trends that dominate this industry. Insights from our customers who are typically Fortune 1000 companies have helped us create some very interesting resources and a wide knowledge bank on event technologies, […]

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Sales advancement at B2B events

Know Your Buyer’s Stage For Sales Advancement At B2B Events

At B2B events, knowing what your  prospect is looking for is half the battle won. If the goal of your participation is sales advancement, then its absolutely necessary for your sales teams to understand the prospect’s business as deeply as possible. In this blog, we explore how targeting  customers based on their buying cycle stages […]

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Go Green on this Earth Day: Sustainable technology for Event Meeting Management

Events are extravagant affairs that often ignore the environmental implications. Elucidated below are ways event managers can adopt a greener approach to event meeting management. The toughest challenge of B2B events lies in the extensive resources required. The splurging of resources can directly impact the environment in a negative way by means of creating a […]

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How sales tech can help boost event ROI

With sales tech taking the event industry by storm, adapting to a new system can be a challenge. Here are three reasons how sales advancement platforms can maximize event ROI. As sales professionals, we find ourselves skeptical to the idea of adapting to a new technology or system. It’s only natural, considering that it takes […]

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Using Meeting Scheduling Apps During Events

Mobile apps are now a critical part of every event and trade show. In this blog we take a comprehensive look at how 1:1 meeting scheduling apps are defining the mobile aspect of B2B events. There was a time when softwares like Microsoft Excel and Outlook were turnkey solutions for event planners. Although they are […]

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Get more out of your B2B meetings at events

7 Interactive Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your B2B Meetings At Events

We belong to a generation characteristic of higher technology consumption and receding attention spans. Event marketing becomes increasingly difficult when your customers and prospects are flooded with meetings and running between venues at an event. Capturing their attention within the first 5-10 minutes of a meeting is crucial. This might seem easier said than done. […]

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B2B meeting management at events

7 Event Meeting Management Mistakes That Push Customers Away At Events

The world of B2B events has grown by leaps and bounds. Long time B2B marketers have been trying to scale their event planning process in order to reduce the operational hassles of managing large events. The market is inundated with event management technologies that promise to ease out scheduling operations, registrations, ticketing etc. In spite of this, […]

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B2B event marketing lessons from Google

What The Event Industry Can Learn From The Rise Of Google

Most Event Marketers live and die by their marketing budgets.They are mostly under tremendous pressure to prove the effectiveness of every little activity that they spend the budget on. Every expense – booth, floor space, internet connection, meeting room rentals, etc. – counts against the event budget. Event Marketers tend to spend countless hours worrying, […]

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Face-to-face meetings

Why Technology Can Never Replace Face-To-Face Meetings

Imagine this: You are about to buy your dream house after saving up for years.What will you do – Look up a couple of houses online, call the broker and  make the first down payment? Or would you rather take your time to explore each of the shortlisted houses, look at the neighborhood, meet the […]

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B2B meeting scheduling at events

The Tough Life Of An Event Marketer

In the eyes of a common man, the world of an event marketer may seem no less than glamorous and glittery just like the Events they organize. But the truth is, event marketing and planning is considered to be the fifth most stressful job in America. Corporate event marketers not only face an operational challenge […]

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B2B Meeting Scheduling Outlook Vs Jifflenow

Why We Need To Stop B2B Meeting Scheduling Using Outlook

B2B events are all about effective meetings. As an event marketer, you will know how sales meetings can make or break your entire marketing strategy. While scheduling meetings with senior leadership, high profile prospects or SMEs spread across geographies, it’s nearly impossible to not make trivial mistakes. With the influx of technologies promising to take […]

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B2B Marketing

5 Brands That Have Aced B2B Event Marketing

The emergence of digital media and online social communities has provided B2B companies  with a unique opportunity to emerge as thought leaders and generate meaningful conversations about their products. Most of these companies already have great content to publish on their own sites. Now they have an array of publishing platforms at their disposal to […]

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B2B event marketing

How To Use Digital Marketing For Offline Meetings At Events

Today’s event marketers are all about utilizing the power of digital marketing to improve event experiences and generate results. One of the key ways to get ROI from a B2B event is through face-to-face, closed door meetings with customers and prospects. Before joining Jifflenow, I attended trade shows for my previous employer; Cisco.  Building pipeline via sales meetings was a key […]

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Rethinking Event ROI: The Sales Perspective Series – Part 2

How To Use Event Marketing As A Sales Weapon At Events And Increase Event ROI In my last blog, I wrote about my observations from different B2B events this year. I mentioned how event ROI has become a dominant theme at all these events. In this second part, I will focus on the best practices […]

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Oscars 2016

What Event Marketers Can Learn From Oscars 2016

Oscars are probably the world’s most glamorous and star-studded event. The classic elegance of the creative crowd, dreamy attires, inspirational speeches and solid performances makes the evening a magnificent spectacle. The immaculate arrangements make us wonder what goes behind the scenes that leave no room for even trivial errors. Event marketers who manage large B2B events every […]

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Event marketing MWC 2016

Top 3 Takeaways From MWC 2016 On B2B Event Management

What an experience it is to be at MWC! The product launches, keynotes and amazing networking opportunities make MWC the most coveted event for both Marketing and Sales. Like every year, the Jifflenow team came back with some great takeaways on the future of technology and what it means for the future of event marketing. […]

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event meeting management

Top 6 Reads: Smart Event Meeting Management For B2B Event Marketers

Event marketers are always on the lookout for creative ways to market their company and make the most out of their marketing budgets. Meeting management at events is one of the key processes that takes up most of their time and efforts. Here’s the good news: the internet is flooded with amazing content on various […]

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Drive More Traffic To Your Booth By Scheduling More B2B Meetings At Events

Attending trade shows and large-scale industry events can be an expensive affair. Prior to the event, a company’s marketing team toils hard to get the logistics right. A significant portion of their event budget is spent on booth space, travel and stay for company executives, and customer engagement activities.Venue space at events is quite expensive. […]

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B2B Event Marketing

The 8 Absolute Must-Haves To Become An Event Rockstar

“The good-to-great leaders never wanted to become larger-than-life heroes. . .They were seemingly ordinary people quietly producing extraordinary results.”   – James C. Collins in “Good to great: why some companies make the leap. . . and others don’t.” When I started my career as Customer Success Evangelist for Jifflenow, I was fascinated by my […]

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Pharma & HCP Meetings Best Practices – Thoughts from the Recent Global Pharma & Medical Meetings Summit

I was in Philadelphia last week to attend the 4th Annual Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit. I lived at the Monaco Hotel just next to the historic Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. It was invigorating living next to the sites of American history where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were debated […]

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Event ROI

Rethinking Event ROI: The Sales Perspective Series – Part 1

How Event ROI Has Become A Central Focus For B2B Event Marketing Teams At Events and Tradeshows In the last couple of years, B2B events have evolved into wider platforms for enterprises than before. At Oracle Openworld 2015, about 18 lines of business were represented included marketing, sales, finance, engineering, government, and HR. Events have […]

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NRF 2016

How NRF 2016 Reinforced The Importance Of Building Human Connections In Our Digital Lives

  “Human interaction must disrupt our increasingly digital lives” tweeted Michael Chase at #nrf16. The NRF 2016 event floor was jam packed with hundreds of attendees curious to know about the next big thing in retail. Through an array of keynotes and discussions on how digital technology is reinventing the retail industry, I could grasp a […]

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HCEASummit, 2016

State of Healthcare & Pharma Event Marketing – Thoughts From HCEA Summit,2016

It was indeed a great pleasure to attend my very first HCEA summit. Chicago was cold and the snow helped me break some ice with everyone I met (see what I did there?). It was a great place to meet some of the leading stalwarts of the healthcare event industry and learn from them. Being […]

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Top 5 Event Marketing Takeaways From CES 2016

  CES 2016 was an extraordinary event in more ways than one. More than 170,000 people flocked to Las Vegas to witness an expansive display of the latest consumer gadgetry. However, unlike previous years, large-scale industry events are no more used as mere launch pads for next generation technologies. They are increasingly used for marketing […]

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Sales psychology

The Sales Psychology Series – Part 2

Following up on our previous post on sales psychology, this week we bring to you more insights into the world of cognitive biases that influence a prospect’s buying decisions. Here are our next 4 picks: a) Environment Environment plays an important role in influencing a person’s subconscious mind. When placed in a particular environment, memory […]

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Cognitive psychology that affects sales

The Sales Psychology Series – Part 1 : Cognitive Biases That Influence Buying Decisions

We, humans are interesting creatures. The minute wirings of our brains are not just biological determiners of our health, they also define the course of our social behavior in manifold ways. In this sales psychology series, we’ll explore how our innate cognitive biases affect the transactions we make, and how these biases can be used […]

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Buyer psychology for B2B Sales

5 Aspects Of Buyer Psychology To Address For B2B Sales

With the influx of technology in every possible domain of human interaction, we have an app or tool for every transaction. Even then, surprisingly, when it comes to sales, tools are effective only to the extent of facilitation. When it comes to closing deals, it’s still not possible to replace face-to-face meetings. What is it […]

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Top 5 blogs for event marketers

Top 5 Blogs For Event Marketers

  Last month, we covered a list of best sales blogs around the web. This month we bring to you the most informative resources for Event Marketers. The web is inundated with so much content on the events industry that it is hard to filter out what caters to your specific needs. If you are […]

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Salesforce dreamforce

Top 5 Insights from Dreamforce 2015 and IBC 2015 That The Event Technology Industry Must Notice

  September was an eventful month, with two big industry events coming to a close. Salesforce launched two major products at Dreamforce – The Internet of Things (IoT) cloud and SalesforceIQ. IBC,2015, on the other hand, recorded an increased number of attendees at about 55,000. We bring to you top 5 trends from these events […]

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Infographic – The B2B Event Marketer Of The Future

In this infographic, we bring to you 8 best practices that event marketers need to follow while hosting successful B2B sales meetings. An event marketer needs to partly think like a marketer and partly like a sales executive. Like a marketer means that she will have to plan well in advance for meetings in order to […]

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B2B events and trade shows

Events: A Multi-Billion $ Sales Opportunity

When field marketing managers are asked about their priorities at conferences and tradeshows, most of them rank lead generation, branding, crowd engagement, and badge scans as their top most priority. On the sidelines of these activities centered around the company’s booth, sales personnel meet customers and prospects in order to close deals, grow accounts, and maintain relationships […]

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Event Marketer personalities

5 Event Marketer Personalities : Which One Are You ?

  Our last few blogs focused on the tricks of the trade for B2B sales teams : best practices and tools that can help them build stronger revenue pipeline from events and trade shows. This week, we shift focus to Event Marketers : the magicians who make these events happen, spending hours on scheduling those […]

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5 Sales Trends From B2B Meetings At Events In 2015

Sales technologies and meeting tools inundated the world of B2B events in 2014. There was a tool for every sales activity, clamouring for the attention of business executives from every corner. That massive influx of mobile and web apps is still continuing in 2015, but this year has seen a lot of them maturing into […]

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5 Must-Read Sales Blogs : Part II

  The web is inundated with content on every topic in the world, growing exponentially every day. Our lives are moving faster, and attention span getting shorter. So how do you select the content most worthy of your time ? Last week, we brought to you 5 must-read sales blogs. Continuing the series, here’s the […]

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top 5 sales blogs to follow

5 Sales Blogs You Should Follow – Part One

To say, no (sales) man is an island, is easier said than Donne. Sales folk understand how much work it takes to close a deal than just rely on the gift of the gab. Making a claim to solve a pain point to backing it up with numbers that matter – needs a bit of […]

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B2B meeting best practices

6 B2B Meeting Styles of CEOs of Apple, Facebook, Google & Others.

Ever wondered how CEOs manage to accomplish so much in 24 hours whereas we struggle to accommodate everything? From meetings to strategy building, they usually have it all, planned out by the minute. Perhaps they attend way more meetings in a day than we do in a week. Data reveals that companies spend around $37 […]

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Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 8.40.34 pm

An Event Marketer’s Checklist For Successful Sales Meetings

Event marketing is all about donning a thousand hats. Multi-tasking is an event marketer’s biggest asset. From setting up meetings on calendars of multiple internal and external teams, to coordinating with the venue, managing cancellations and reports, an event marketer’s list of responsibilities is endless. What becomes most important in such situations is prioritising ruthlessly. […]

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Sales personalities

4 Sales Rep Personalities and Best Meetings for each type

Large sales teams include a diverse bunch of people with different personalities. Based on Myers-Briggs’s 16 personality types, ESFJ & ESTJ (E = Extroverts, S = Sensors, F = Feelers, J = Judgers, T = Thinkers) are perceived as best suited for sales functions. However, teams that have diverse personalities are better equipped to reach […]

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Few meetings that changed the world

Not all meetings are created equal. Through the ages there have been successful and not-so-successful meetings between people. Jifflenow is committed to making your trade show meetings a definite success and we thought, why not list a few successful meetings in this infographic? Do let us know the ones you think were definitive in the […]

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pointers to making meetings successful

Make your meetings fail proof with these 4 tips

Your most important industry event is coming up and you’re all geared up for it. Meeting requests have been sent out and you already have a figure in your mind on potential bookings. However, being in the events space, we know that there is many a slip between the expected and the actual. So, we have […]

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Meeting types at B2B meetings

9 types of meetings you should be scheduling at events

You’re all set to go to that event where you will meet your most important customers and prospects. You’ve sent out the meeting invites. You’ve got your acceptances. But are you sure the meeting types are the most conducive for your business revenue discussion? We broadly highlight the various meeting types you should consider hosting […]

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Event Agencies, Here’s A Solution You Must Offer

Fresh off the EMS Summit, if there’s one key learning event agencies must’ve taken home, it is this: increasingly brands are looking at events as opportunities to close real business deals. Yes you heard it right, not just the big and beautiful booths and margarita bars, brands now want to meet more customers and prospects […]

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Meeting scheduling

Your Excel scheduling days are extinct: Now what?

Excel sheets and meeting scheduling have been synonymous with each other – but no more. The days for scheduling meetings and updating changes painstakingly on myriad Excel sheets are close to an end, and extinct for Jifflenow customers. Here are some things you can do if you were not on your Excel sheets. Plan Like […]

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Snooze free sales meetings

Schedule Sales Meetings Sans the Snooze

The details are in the planning. And while scheduling sales meetings, participants are at risk of slipping back into their mobile devices when the meeting fails to engage them. Here are four tips to make it more engaging. Send meeting material before you get there Meeting agenda and related materials such as a presentation can […]

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NRF Case study

Schedule meetings with zero meeting rooms

A Jifflenow customer scheduled 30% more meetings with zero meeting rooms and zero scheduling error at NRF 2015.

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019h1 copy

Will your content travel at NAB 2015?

Your team and/or you have traveled to National Association of Broadcasters show (NAB 2015) in Las Vegas for your meetings. You’re armed with the latest company offerings for the meeting. But what are the chances that your content will go the distance? Sure, you’ve scheduled all your meetings with existing and potential customers. How are […]

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Executive Meetings

Managing VIP meetings and executive calendars at events

Scheduling meetings for executives plays a crucial role when it comes to closing deals or just catching up with prospects and customers at trade shows and events. Fortune 500 and 1000 event teams who use Jifflenow share how they manage their meetings at events and tradeshows. Here’s how to make those conversations count. 3 things […]

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Dealing with meeting management nightmares

How to deal with your worst meeting management nightmares

Here’s a list of meeting management issues we’ve all dealt with. Perhaps the reason why they’ve become a nightmare is because you might be missing the best practices below. Not enough meeting space What if your meeting management solution does not allow you to book, organize and get a comprehensive view of meeting room slots, and the […]

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Powering #MeetingsWithoutExcel at MWC 2015

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Daniel Spectrum Toronto

2015 Canadian Special Events Star Awards Finalist

We are excited to be a finalist for the Canadian Special Event Star Awards. The nomination is for Most Innovative Use of Event Technology with our partner, Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP). STEP used Jifflenow to schedule meetings for one of their premier annual events where they connect exporters from the Saskatchewan province to […]

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Finding the right meeting management solution

Zeroing in on the perfect meeting solution

With companies all set to attend this year’s big-ticket events, event and meeting managers are facing their biggest scheduling challenges. It is time to do away with the old and ring in a new meeting management solution. Here are a few things you must consider when it comes to selecting a meeting management solution for […]

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How to get more meetings at events

How to get customers to request meetings at B2B events

Reach a wider network of customers and get them to meet you at events with these simple steps. Create a landing page that anyone can access to request meetings When you plan a B2B event, you identify your target audience and send out meeting invites to them. You also create prospect profiles to keep a […]

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Challenges ahead

6 event marketing hacks you need to know in 2015

We discuss the challenges that marketers are facing this year at events, and how to work around it We’re almost through the first couple of months of 2015. While traditional event marketing techniques are being rapidly replaced – managing time, calculating ROI, adopting efficient event tools are still among the challenges event marketers face in […]

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How to get effective meetings

6 rules to get the most out of any meeting at events

Have you come out of a meeting knowing you could have achieved the same results in half the time? You’re not alone. We’ve drawn up a list of six rules you can follow to get the most effective meetings at events and at your workplace, every time. 1. Draw up the perfect meeting agenda • […]

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eventspoof no-shows


As #eventprofs we all dread the ominous ‘no-show’. Have you ever found yourself catering to an empty room? Let us know in the comments.

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5 ways to beat your competition at events

Competition is good. It keeps us on our toes. The knowledge that there are others fighting for the crown serves as an incentive for us to continually raise the bar. Here’s a list you can glean from, after all your best lessons come from competitors. 1. Learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat those of […]

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eventspoof (final)2

Excel Error

Manual updating comes with a few drawbacks. Have you experienced something similar? Let us know in the comments.

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8company blog pic copy

Blogs all event profs mustn’t miss

The Internet can be an infinite pool of resources for event marketers. Given that event profs are pressed for time, how does one locate information that is both relevant and useful? Often times there is too much information that is either too trite, impractical or both. To save you time and effort we, have put […]

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Moving beyond paper-based scheduling

Paper-based scheduling is at odds with executing a successful event. Here’s how we helped one of our customers discover a more efficient alternative to paper-based scheduling.

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We Are The #Eventprofs

The perfect room just slipped away. The meeting that took several hours to schedule just got cancelled. The number of chairs out number the attendees. The calendar has more event dates scribbled on it than personal anniversaries, or birthdays. The challenges event professionals face are myriad. But, you never fail to rise up to the […]

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More meetings with fewer rooms

This is how we went about helping one of our customers to book more meetings with less number of rooms.

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What happens to walk-ins?

We spend hours coming up with a perfect meeting schedule. However, at the event floor, it is always a different story. From trying to manage a smooth meeting process, to accommodating walk-ins – event teams are always on their feet. Share your meeting experiences in the comments section below.

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finalspoof blogspot

You’ve been double booked

One of the many perils of manual scheduling is the sneaky issue of double bookings. Have you been double booked at events? How did you work around it? Let us know in the comments section.

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Sanofi Case Study Final

How a global Fortune 250 company scheduled error free B2B meetings

This is how our solutions helped a global 250 company to schedule meetings with zero errors.

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blog on interesting events copy

2015 – A year when events get bigger and busier

There will be much a do about events and tradeshows in 2015. It promises to be an exciting year for event professionals with innovation in technology and other fields. To be right in the middle of the action and be an early adopter, you need to be part of the right events. Read on to […]

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new-year-2015 copy (1)

Happy New Year

2014 has been an exciting year for #eventprofs. And 2015 like its predecessor promises to be full of opportunities and promises. Given the exciting new innovations being introduced into the events industry one can’t help but be excited. Time to chalk out a new checklist with goals to set and achieve. Happy new Year.

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5-event-industry-trends copy

5 event industry trends to watch out for in 2015

The past year saw the events industry adapt new technologies, further existing trends, which were turning points for exhibitors and show organizers. From real-time slide-sharing to collaborative event planning – 2014 was anything but a mundane year for events and trade shows. The next few pointers will be the trends that will be evolving into […]

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chrtimas-blog-1 copy (1)

The 12 gifts you could receive this holiday

The holidays are upon us and you’ve probably given up wondering whether you’ve been naughty or nice. While rounding up the last-minute shopping, you’ve already spent considerable time coming up with the ideal gift. Keeping true to the festive spirit, we’ve identified twelve gifts that all #eventprofs should receive. 1. The bells-a ringing When you’re […]

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How enticing are your meetings?

Getting people to attend your meetings can be a tricky situation. What are the sure shot bets, which have worked for you at meetings? Let us know in the comments section.

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Action packed meeting agendas

#Eventprofs run a tight ship. Our latest #eventspoofs strip gives a sneak peek into how meeting agendas almost always end up losing their sense of urgency and become dormant.

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jiffle-itn - Copy

Jifflenow And ITN International Bring Cutting-Edge Badge Scanning Technology To B2B Events

Jifflenow to Integrate with ITN’s BCARD Platform Sunnyvale, CA – December 9, 2014 – Jifflenow, a leading provider of secure, cloud-based enterprise meeting scheduling solutions for business-to-business (B2B) events, today announced a partnership with ITN International, the world leader in mobile near-field communication (NFC), Bluetooth low energy (BLE), and cloud-based event solutions. Jifflenow will integrate […]

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Pic for blogpost 1

4 meeting scheduling pit-falls to avoid at B2B events

  When it comes to getting leads, industry events are your best bet. Although getting quality leads requires a few key strategies in place. More often than not, these are disguised as common pit-falls when it comes to scheduling those crucial meetings at B2B events. Read on to see how you can skirt these and […]

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Thanksgiving pointers you can apply to B2B meetings

Thanksgiving dinners and hosting meetings at B2B events have more in common than you think. A lot of pre-planning, managing, and scheduling is required for both. But, what are the factors that make an event/dinner a success or a failure? Here are five pointers to ensure you manage to secure more meetings, enable more meaningful […]

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Event ROI can be from B2B meetings

A Challenging Notion of Event ROI

  In the first section of our white paper, “Three Steps to Higher Event ROI”, we put forth a new event ROI hypothesis. This hypothesis stated that if event teams were to push for greater sales enablement at events through pre-scheduled B2B meetings, the sales pipeline from these discussions could be used as a veritable […]

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Jifflenow events

Discuss scheduling needs with Jifflenow at these events

#Eventprofs, if you’re attending the following events, we would love to meet you! It is looking a lot like December in the events space. And we are visiting quite a few from mid November right through December. After presenting at EVENTtech 2014 and having met scheduling needs at SaptechEd 2014 earlier this month, we will […]

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2 copy

5 steps to securing more B2B meetings at events

Event teams in B2B companies have long struggled with scheduling and managing B2B meetings at events. While Jifflenow solves most of those problems, we’ve recently launched the Jifflenow MeetReq Widget which also helps event teams invite B2B meeting requests from any target audience without needing to create user profiles for them. This eventually helps companies secure more B2B meetings […]

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MGMA 2014

Are you optimizing your meetings at MGMA 2014?

  Meetings are at the heart of successful events. While leads can be generated by a number of methods, nurture leads and prospects at events with precise meeting scheduling. At the ongoing Medical Group Management Association, MGMA 2014, at Las Vegas, you don’t want to lose out on the important conversations with leading pharmaceutical practitioners and […]

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Event ROI Case Study

Benefits of Measuring Event ROI

Event ROI and direct business benefits of participating in events have been derived using a variety of methods. So how did a Jifflenow customer report 237X event ROI from HIMSS 2014? The following infographic tells a great story about how our solution helped one of our customers change the way they measured and reported success […]

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Metric used to measure ROI_Jifflenow

The One Thing B2B Event Planning Needs Right Away

Some of the largest B2B trade shows in the world are coming up: Mobile World Congress, CES, Dreamforce, Oracle Open World to name just a few. Event planning will be in different stages for these events. So it is a good time to get this conversation going. Now, what do B2B event planners and marketers […]

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Jifflenow wins Technology Shootout at CEMA Summit 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : Corporate Event Marketing Association (CEMA) Features Technology Shootout at CEMA Summit 2014 eTouches, DoubleDutch, Ovation, Sprocket, Jifflenow and Opus Events Agency Participate in Friendly Battle Showcasing Extraordinary Benefits of Technology SACRAMENTO, Calif., July 29, 2014 – Demonstrating the unique benefits of their company’s technologies, representatives from eTouches, DoubleDutch, Ovation, Sprocket, Jifflenow […]

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Jifflenow Announces Partnership with GES

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : Jifflenow Announces Partnership with Global Experience Specialists (GES) for Business-to-Business (B2B) Meeting Scheduling GES and Jifflenow to Launch Meeting Scheduling on GES’ Expresso® Online Ordering Tool Sunnyvale, CA – June 12, 2014 – Jifflenow, a leading provider of secure, cloud-based enterprise meeting scheduling solutions for business-to-business (B2B) events, today announced a partnership […]

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Meeting Scheduling and Event ROI Case Study

How to save > $20,000 in B2B Meeting Planning

Using Jifflenow saved a customer >$20K and here’s how:        

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Case Study: Booking more confirmed B2B meetings at MWC 2014

Learn how a customer increased pre-scheduled B2B meetings by >50%.

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