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Jifflenow Helps Enterprises Book Thousands of B2B Engagements at MWC 2023

Leading Enterprises at MWC 2023 Achieved Superior ROI for Their Event Investments by Utilizing Jifflenow's SaaS-based B2B Meeting Automation Platform

SAN JOSE, Ca. - March 9, 2023

Last week, the world's largest trade show for the connectivity ecosystem, MWC 2023, brought together over 80,000 attendees. 37 large enterprises attending MWC 2023 utilized Jifflenow to automate the scheduling, management, and analysis of B2B meetings and sessions on the show floor, resulting in superior outcomes and measurable ROI for their event investments.

Nokia, a global technology leader, booked over 3,000 high-quality B2B meetings with customers and prospects at MWC 2023. “Attending MWC and other flagship industry events is key to our marketing strategy and helps us engage face-to-face with our customers and prospects in an impactful way,” said Lisa Horianopoulos, Head of Global Events for Nokia. “With Jifflenow, we were able to book thousands of quality meetings and booth tours at MWC.”

Jifflenow’s SaaS platform allows marketers, sales teams, and event managers to transform the offline workflow of scheduling and managing meetings into a streamlined, automated online process, complete with attribution analytics that provides valuable event ROI insights for the c-suite. Over 12,000 B2B meetings and sessions at MWC 2023 were tallied by Jifflenow customers. On average, each client averaged over 320 meetings and sessions, leading to optimal and efficient use of costly meeting spaces while increasing the productivity of event marketers and sales teams. Jifflenow also gives enterprises a distinct advantage in generating measurable and profitable ROI at in-person events, such as MWC 2023. 

"B2B meetings are a key indicator of pipeline growth, and pipeline growth is a key indicator of revenue growth," said Hari Shetty, CEO and Founder of Jifflenow. "The importance of MWC in driving business growth every year for many of the world's biggest companies can't be overstated. It's exciting to see Jifflenow at the forefront of that phenomenon coming back." 

After the cancellation of 2020, the postponement of 2021, and the smaller-scale event of 2022, MWC 2023's success is another sign that in-person B2B events are back. MWC is a significant event for the mobile communications industry, providing abundant business opportunities. With a high volume of B2B face-to-face engagements returning to MWC 2023, enterprises continue to increase their event investments to accelerate growth.

"Jifflenow's major presence at MWC 2023 and our ability to drive a record-setting number of meetings for our customers is a sign of big things to come for us," Shetty said. "With more large trade shows and conferences in other industries roaring back, Jifflenow's automated approach to B2B meetings and sessions will fuel our growth and provide a strategic advantage to companies navigating economic uncertainty hoping to maximize ROI at events."

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Jifflenow is the world’s most comprehensive B2B meeting scheduling software, helping global enterprises accelerate business growth by automating the scheduling, management, and analysis of in-person and virtual meetings at events and with digital marketing campaigns. Jifflenow has transformed customer meeting management from an offline workflow to an automated, scalable, and secure online process with measurable results and actionable insights.

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