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Outbound Meetings

Lead Gen on Hyperdrive

Easily support multiple marketing programs. Power your campaigns with registration to in-person or virtual sessions and automate the detailed behind-the-scenes B2B meeting scheduling.

Use Cases

Boost Registrations for Multiple Sessions

Have a multi-webinar or a live seminar series with multiple tracks covering different topics, products, and industries? How about a multi-region or multi-language setup? Unlock the power of choice for your customers.

eCampaign is configurable for even your most complex marketing programs. Easily create detailed and configurable inbound session registration forms with information on all your tracks/sessions. eCampaign connects the dots between customer selections and available time slots and experts.

Boost Registrations for Multiple Sessions with eCampaign Jifflenow product

Convert More Inbound Meeting Requests

Simplify the B2B inbound meeting scheduling process for product demos, sales engagements and more by automating the availability of the right internal expert.

Get opt-in consent and show prospects or customers dynamically available time slots that automatically assign the right internal experts.


Built for Demand Gen, Digital Marketers, Growth Marketers, and Sales Reps

Drive Efficiency

Intelligent forms help your target audience find the right topics of interest and offer available time slots, reducing back-and-forth communication. Control opt-in fields and trigger automatic confirmations for a seamless experience.

Jifflenow-eCampaign-product-Customize Registration Forms

Customize Registration Forms

Inbound registration pages are configurable with your brand and messages and have the flexibility to list multiple topics, sessions, and meeting types for your target audience to choose from.

Embed Registration Pages

Increase sign-ups by embedding the inbound registration page on landing pages, web pages or other places where online traffic drives inbound registrations.

Automate Invitations and Reminders

Registrants receive ICS invitations and reminder notifications with video conferencing and meeting location details to add to their personal calendar.

Automate Invitations and Reminders
Jifflenow-eCampaign-Ensure Security and Compliance

Ensure Security and Compliance

Designed with application and infrastructure security to support large enterprise and GDPR compliance, eCampaign is trusted by some of the most well-known Fortune 1000 companies.

Simplify Reporting and Integrations

Integrate registration and meeting data from eCampaign with many sales and marketing platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and HubSpot to consolidate data and glean better insights.


Manage Session Registration and Meeting Requests Like a Pro

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