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Virtual Meeting Events with Jifflenow

Schedule Virtual Meetings or Convert In-Person Meetings to Virtual

Enterprises are increasingly considering virtual events or want the option to engage customers both in-person or virtually. Jifflenow Event Meetings software helps you support both in-person and virtual meetings by automating the scheduling, management, and analysis of all B2B meetings.

Schedule Meetings for Any Environment

Virtual Meetings

Jifflenow Event Meetings is now powerful than ever with Virtual Meetings capabilities. The platform enables multiple options to engage remote customers and executives or converting existing in-person meetings to virtual ones, that comes handy in case an event gets canceled. 

Hybrid Meetings

A hybrid meeting can be set up during an event for both in-person and remote participants. Hybrid meetings allow us to include a web conferencing link and also select a physical location for the meeting for attendees.

In-Person Meetings

Jifflenow Event Meetings software supports a variety of engagement types such as customer meetings, partner meetings, expert meetings, PR and AR meetings, demos, tracks, sessions, and executive engagements at events.

Virtual Meetings Capability

Convert & schedule virtual meetings

Send notifications to all requesters about the ability to convert to virtual meetings

Set calendar availability

to 24 hours and to the desired timezone

Reschedule experts

and executives with remote options

Integrate with Zoom or Webex to auto-generate unique meeting links

Directly add a link from your preferred web conferencing software

Easily identify virtual meetings and sort based on meeting types:in-person or virtual

Leverage Inbound Request Page to receive requests from external attendees