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Jifflenow––Leader in B2B Meeting Scheduling––Achieves Impressive Growth with Return of In-person Events

SAN JOSE, CA. - January 26, 2023

Jifflenow, the premier B2B meeting automation software company, today announced rapid growth led by tremendous year-over-year performance with the resurgence of in-person and hybrid events. In 2022, companies using Jifflenow booked over 100,000 high-quality, executive B2B meetings with nearly 500,000 customers to discuss opportunities and advance sales at corporate user conferences and industry trade shows. This trajectory highlights significant market opportunity as B2B in-person events bounce back and fast-growing enterprises shift to an increased focus on strategic face-to-face meetings that drive business growth.

Jifflenow software helps marketers and sales reps reduce the complexity and time associated with event meeting scheduling, while providing robust attribution analytics for the c-suite necessary for determining event ROI and strategic event planning. Leading enterprises across many industries, including technology, finance, consulting, client services, healthcare and biotech, consider Jifflenow essential to maximize their investments in events.

“Events are a key part of our overall marketing strategy and allow us to have impactful face-to-face meetings with our customers and prospects,” said Jenny Alfrey, Director of Regional Marketing for PacBio. “Jifflenow is a valuable partner that helps us drive better business outcomes at events. Their event scheduling software enables our sales and marketing teams to collaborate efficiently and productively to book and manage all of our meetings and sessions.”

In 2021, at many of the world’s largest trade shows like MWC, RSNA, Sibos, CPHI, Money, and corporate events like AWS re:Invent, VMworld, and Oracle Cloud World, companies realized that virtual meetings couldn’t fully replace in-person engagements. That’s why, with the return of in-person B2B events in 2022, enterprise companies re-entered the fray with gusto, using Jifflenow’s eEvent software to achieve optimal ROI at significantly more in-person B2B events than in 2021.

"Our growth is the result of our product’s unmatched capability to facilitate high-quality B2B engagements for the world’s leading brands at in-person and hybrid events,” said Hari Shetty, CEO and Founder of Jifflenow. “Over the past year, we saw the events industry return to pre-pandemic mode and companies are continuing to recognize the need for more high-quality, executive B2B meetings that directly impact growth.”

Companies are doubling down on a “meetings first” approach to drive revenue pipeline at in-person or hybrid B2B events, with 65% of event professionals forecasting increased event budgets in 2023. Due to the higher costs of sponsoring an event, most enterprises are more strategic than ever when investing in events. That’s precisely why many leading brands leverage Jifflenow’s scheduling automation software to generate as many B2B meetings as possible between external and internal stakeholders––the surest way to impact business growth.

Jifflenow’s momentum is led by the dynamic growth of its enterprise customer base. In 2021, several Jifflenow customers were forced to pause their investments in events, as the industry experienced a pandemic-induced lowpoint. Now, those customers are returning, new acquisitions are joining and existing customers are expanding––a key driver of growth––to use Jifflenow at more events.

“With the momentum established this past year on multiple fronts, we anticipate 2023 being another year of exceptional growth for Jifflenow,” Shetty said. “As attendance at in-person events pick up, along with the evolving strategic investment companies make in events, so too will the demand for Jifflenow’s automated solution to booking, managing, and analyzing B2B engagements.”

About Jifflenow

Jifflenow is the world’s most comprehensive B2B meeting scheduling software, helping global enterprises accelerate business growth by automating the scheduling, management, and analysis of in-person and virtual meetings at events and with digital marketing campaigns. Jifflenow has transformed customer meeting management from an offline workflow to an automated, scalable, and secure online process with measurable results and actionable insights.