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Jifflenow Meeting Automation Platform

World’s #1 Platform to Schedule, Manage, Analyze In-Person and Virtual Meetings


The Jifflenow platform enables you to automate the scheduling, management and analytics of both in-person and virtual meetings. The cloud-based software integrates with marketing, sales, and event software and eliminates manual processes such as back and forth emails, scheduling conflicts, and lack of meeting metrics. Jifflenow provides enterprise-grade security and GDPR compliance.

B2B Meetings are the biggest driver of the sales pipeline for any enterprise. With Jifflenow, companies can easily schedule customer engagements before, during, and after webinars, marketing campaigns and Live and Virtual Events. The software extends to Demand generation campaigns to drive Marketing Qualified Meetings (MQMs) instead of capturing just the contact information and converting it to a lead.

Jifflenow Platform Overview

Jifflenow Apps

Event Meetings
Web App

Sales person or any internal meeting attendee can easily request and book a B2B meeting with an external attendee who is a participant at an in-person or virtual event or campaign or webinar. The application provides for a number of customizations and meeting types.

Executive Briefing
Web App

Sales teams can choose from any available EBC (Executive Briefing Center) locations and easily book a briefing for an account or partner organization at the in-person, hybrid or virtual experience center. Briefing Managers can streamline the request and the booking process easily.

365 Days Meetings
Web App

Launch a Meet the Expert or Executive campaign lasting for weeks, months or a whole year to allow sales to schedule meetings for targeted accounts. Optionally, enable customers to directly request meetings based on topics and engagement types.

Inbound Meetings

Embed a link in any marketing program channel or event, so targeted prospects and customers for virtual events can request meetings directly, without the need for sales to set it up. This link connects to a smart Inbound Meetings and captures the information needed to identify the right internal expert to host the meeting.

Salesforce App

Jifflenow Salesforce App has the same capabilities as the Jifflenow Web app, so sales teams do not have to leave software to schedule and manage all their virtual or in-person customer meetings. They can also create comprehensive reports and dashboards to visualize the impact of customer meetings.

Mobile App

Jifflenow mobile app can be used by multiple user types. Meeting managers can manage all operations on the go. It allows sales to request meetings and take notes and surveys that can be synced with Salesforce software. The app offers built-in reminders, in-app notifications, badge scanning and more.

Jifflenow Platform Core

Pre-Meeting Scheduling

Simplify the scheduling of B2B meetings with all information about Experts, Executives and External Attendees, locations and purpose in one place, by event, campaign or briefing.

Topic Mapping

Internal participants and their topic expertise are mapped and uploaded in Jifflenow and external attendees from live or virtual events or campaigns are synced to easily schedule 100s or 1000s of customer meetings.

Choice of Meeting Types

Jifflenow supports a variety of customer meeting types such as general 1-to-1 business meetings, demos, group meetings and sessions. These engagement types are configurable with easy to use templates.

Workflow Management

Jifflenow lets meeting managers access all the requested and scheduled meetings, room calendar views, meeting check-ins, and pending meetings at once. The master calendar displays the available and blocked slots at the event and campaign level to perform quick actions.

Automate Data Capture and Create Rules for Approvals

Capturing relevant data before and after meetings is critical to successful B2B meetings. Jifflenow digital meeting request forms can be configured with mandatory fields. Meetings can be auto processed or approved manually.

Check-in Meeting Attendees

Meeting managers can check-in attendees who attend a meeting. This is used to track the attendees in a meeting. For virtual meetings, check-ins can be done automatically based on attendee records.

Customizable Forms and Notifications

Jifflenow provides for creation of custom forms to capture meeting data required to schedule the right types of meetings. The rules-based meeting confirmation for participants provides options for sending invitations to participants when the meeting is created. Notifications can be customized for internal and external attendees to provide specific context for meeting success.

Security and Compliance

Enterprise grade Security

Data security and compliance with regulations are paramount to enterprises. Jifflenow platform is designed to ensure that your data is secure and compliant across multiple layers, eliminating the risk posed by the use of legacy tools and manual operations. Jifflenow supports Single Sign-on (SSO), Captcha to protect against Denial of Service (DoS), Role-based access for users and AES-256 encryption for data.

Compliance to Regulations

The Jifflenow platform is certified with ISO, CSA and PCI. The platform is also compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield.

Post-meeting Analytics

Analyze Meetings with Dashboard and On-demand Reports

With Jifflenow, meeting analytics is right out of the box. The dashboards report every detail of the customer engagements such as number of meetings scheduled, number of customers met, meeting leadership board, meetings by topic, meeting room utilization, meetings by executives, influenced revenue and much more. The reports are available on-demand to export data to analyze in BI tools.

Conduct Post Meeting Surveys

Post Meeting Surveys help collect insights on meeting efficiency, customer buying intent, next steps, or any other important customer information. The survey questions, timing, and participants can be decided by meeting managers. Meeting participants can take surveys on the go or receive a reminder to take post meeting surveys. Mobile surveys can also be taken in offline mode and synced when connectivity is available.

Capture Meeting Notes

Meeting notes are crucial information to record the meeting and outline next steps. Attendees can easily capture valuable feedback and take notes right from the Jifflenow mobile App or tablet during or after the meeting.


Jifflenow offers Integration with a comprehensive list of leading sales and marketing software such as Salesforce CRM, Marketo, Video Conferencing, Calendars, Virtual Event Software, Event Registration Systems, Badge Scanners, and Event Mobile Applications to enable easier data sharing and meeting scheduling, management and reporting.

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