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In-Person Events Bounce Back in 2022 — Trends Show Exhibitors Focusing More on Quality B2B Meetings

The world’s biggest brands are leveraging Jifflenow’s B2B meeting automation software to drive customer engagements.

SAN JOSE, CALIF. - Dec. 21, 2022

Jifflenow, the industry leading provider of B2B meeting automation software, saw an amazing turnaround at in-person events in 2022 with trade shows like MWC, RSNA, Sibos, CPHI, Money and corporate events like AWS Re:Invent, VMworld, Oracle Cloud World which contributed to a significant increase in the use of its eEvent software in many of the world’s premier conferences. 

Jifflenow is closing out the year on a high note, making its strongest impact in late November at both RSNA 2022––a flagship healthcare event––and AWS re:Invent––a signature tech event. These recent events are evidence that in-person events are back. They convened 94,000 attendees combined, as more than 40 top companies used Jifflenow’s eEvent software to book over 10,000 B2B meetings with their customers and partners, potentially impacting hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue opportunity. 

“The benefits of in-person events have never been more clear for companies, which is why we’re seeing the industry rebound,” Nicola Kastner, Founder of The Event Strategist and former Global Vice President of Event Marketing Strategy for SAP, said. “The amount of industry leading brands that rely on Jifflenow as a crucial part of their marketing tech stack to achieve the best business outcomes at events is a huge testament to the value Jifflenow provides.” 

At the RSNA 2022 conference, Jifflenow’s customers––healthcare market leaders––scheduled over 6,600 B2B meetings, followed by hundreds of virtual meetings post-event. Driving attendee interactions at events is a priority for all companies. For best results, they integrate the best-of-breed solutions to manage the processes before, during and after an event. Leading healthcare companies maximize effectiveness by integrating Marketo’s marketing automation, Jiffenow’s meeting scheduling and Salesforce CRM to sync attendee data and streamline all digital and live engagements seamlessly.

Jifflenow isn’t just strengthening business opportunities for healthcare companies. The tech sector is a focus, too. At AWS re:Invent, one of the industry’s flagship events, the top customers booked over 3,800 B2B meetings at the four-day event, making event and sales teams more productive in driving better business outcomes. Events in 2023 are shaping up to be extremely promising, starting with CES 2023 in January where Jifflenow is powering 37 of tech’s biggest names. 

“We fully expect 2023 to be another strong year of growth for Jifflenow as the global events industry surges past pre-pandemic levels,” said Hari Shetty, CEO and Founder of Jifflenow. “The reason businesses invest considerably in tradeshows and conferences is to have impactful B2B meetings with customers and prospects. Jifflenow’s eEvent software automates the process for their marketing and sales teams to schedule, manage, and analyze hundreds of quality engagements to maximize the return on investment at events.”

The price tag of event spending is high for B2B companies, with most spending 15-20% of their marketing budget on events. In fact, 64% of global meetings and events professionals expect increased budgets for next year, an indicator of industry growth. But the economic uncertainty, high costs and staffing challenges at events are forcing marketers to generate real impact and see a substantial return on investment (ROI)––often with fewer resources at their disposal. 

“Before using Jifflenow eEvent software at events, our customers told us about needing large teams to manage meetings,” Ravi Chalaka, CMO and VP of Products at Jifflenow, said. “Many people were using spreadsheets and pulling their hair out. Now with the power of automation, the meeting process is streamlined and simple, leading to more B2B meetings and sessions, more opportunities, and significantly better return of investments.”

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