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Meeting Automation Platform

Impact Every Stage of Strategic B2B Meetings

What is a MAP?

MAP, short for Meeting Automation Platform, is a category of software that automates workflows associated with pre-meeting planning, in-meeting management, and post-meeting analysis and follow-up. A comprehensive MAP increases the number and quality of strategic meetings and are especially effective for enterprises that need to manage high volumes of strategic meetings at events, briefing centers, roadshows, sales meetings, and training forums.



Schedule, Manage, and Analyze Strategic Meetings at B2B Events

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Deliver World-class Customer Briefings Seamlessly

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Leverage Every Opportunity


Characteristics of an Enterprise-class MAP

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A cloud-based MAP can easily scale to keep up with the needs of the most demanding enterprises that schedule thousands of meetings every year. 


MAPs integrate with sales and marketing software such as CRM, marketing automation, badge scanners, event registration, and event mobile applications.

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MAP applications offer enterprise-class security and comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


Business Benefits of an Enterprise-class Meeting Scheduling Software

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Achieve business objectives with more strategic engagements

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Influence sales and shorten sales cycles

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Maximize resource (meeting space, executives, and time) utilization

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Measure and attribute value to events, briefing centers, and other channels

What are Strategic Meetings?

Strategic meetings are defined as business to business engagements between executives, subject matter experts and their external target audience such as prospects, customers, press, analysts, suppliers, investors, etc. that result in sales growth, partnerships, business development, market influence, and investments.

The Three Stages of Strategic Meetings

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Strategy, logistics,& communications

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Manage &


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Analyze &


Free Aragon Report: Better Customer Journeys

and Business Growth with Meeting Automation Platforms

A new report by Aragon Research has identified Meeting Automation Platform (MAP) software as an emerging category of enterprise technology. MAP represents a new business automation software category that transforms manual, spreadsheet-driven meeting processes.


According to Aragon Research, the MAP category is projected to grow to $3B by 2023. The research firm also predicts that by the end of 2021, 50% of large enterprises will have a MAP initiative underway or fully implemented.


Download the free report and learn:

  • What is Meeting Automation Platform (MAP)
  • What is driving demand for MAP
  • What are the key considerations when selecting a MAP software
  • What are the benefits and enterprise use cases

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The Event ROI Calculator

Realize the benefits of better meeting scheduling and management

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The ability to schedule more confirmed meetings means more business deals discussed at every event. Here's an opportunity to directly influence your company's return on their investment.