Choosing a venue for your B2B Event: A checklist

The venue makes your event. You can dress the place up real nice, make it shine, invite the best speakers and have great food. But the first thing that’s going to make an impression on your attendee is the venue itself. Where you choose to host your event will dictate how your attendee perceives the […]

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My First HCEA Connect

It was a really refreshing break from the yellow grass locales of California to be able to spend 5 days in lush green Savannah. Having been born and brought up in a tropical country helped me adjust faster to the sweaty, sweaty heat of Georgia. Of course, it really helped that the HCEA team had […]

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What this Sushi chef can teach you about B2B Event Marketing

Jiro dreams of Sushi is a documentary, that follows around Jiro Ono, the (now) 90-year old sushi chef exhibiting his craft, and detailing the story of how he got there. The documentary is peppered with multiple instances of ever-quotable lines (like, “I would make sushi in my dreams” or “ Ultimate simplicity leads to purity”). […]

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Applying Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation to B2B Event Marketing

The classic theory of Human Motivation, also known as the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ was devised by American Psychologist, Abraham Maslow in the year 1943. It remains today as one of the greatest theories in understanding human needs and personal development. The theory was based on the assumption that unfulfilled needs warrant actions that are directed […]

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A CEMA Noob Goes to Summit 2016

The CEMA Summit is one of the Event Marketing conferences we at Jifflenow look forward to with great excitement. In 2014, we won the Tech Shootout and met several prospects who have since become customers and strong spokespersons for our technology. Having moved to the US less than a year ago, it was my first time at […]

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7 ways you can boost the number of leads you generate at B2B events

Events are growing in popularity as forums for marketing. There are fewer spaces in the B2B event industry that help companies engage prospects in a live environment, showcase their products and obtain first-hand feedback all under one roof. In a typical event, numerous leads are generated, hundreds of face-to-face meetings take place, and networking is […]

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The Evolution Of B2B Event Management

Marketing reflects the current state of a society and vice versa. It’s like the classic chicken and egg story. We can’t really pin-point which came first. Take a look at the marketing trends over the last 5 years, and you’ll instantly know how rapidly marketing has evolved. The digital revolution has become old as compared […]

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Using Meeting Scheduling Apps During Events

Mobile apps are now a critical part of every event and trade show. In this blog we take a comprehensive look at how 1:1 meeting scheduling apps are defining the mobile aspect of B2B events. There was a time when softwares like Microsoft Excel and Outlook were turnkey solutions for event planners. Although they are […]

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B2B meeting management at events

7 Event Meeting Management Mistakes That Push Customers Away At Events

The world of B2B events has grown by leaps and bounds. Long time B2B marketers have been trying to scale their event planning process in order to reduce the operational hassles of managing large events. The market is inundated with event management technologies that promise to ease out scheduling operations, registrations, ticketing etc. In spite of this, […]

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B2B meeting scheduling at events

The Tough Life Of An Event Marketer

In the eyes of a common man, the world of an event marketer may seem no less than glamorous and glittery just like the Events they organize. But the truth is, event marketing and planning is considered to be the fifth most stressful job in America. Corporate event marketers not only face an operational challenge […]

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