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Virtual Meeting

Jifflenow Enables “Virtual Meetings” Capability

Jifflenow today announced the launch of the Virtual Meetings feature in its platform in response to event cancelations due to Coronavirus…

availability of time slots for Event Meetings

Why Events Are the Best Marketing Investment

Events, conferences, and trade shows are huge investments for businesses that can have a significant impact on business opportunities...

briefing centers

Jifflenow Unveils Briefing Center Software

Jifflenow, the world’s number one Meeting Automation Platform (MAP), announces Jifflenow Briefing Centers Software offering an intuitive user experience and...


MarTech Interview with Ravi Chalaka

B2B meeting analytics has evolved from offering event meeting metrics to include influenced revenue, custom reporting and comparison of metrics across different events...

eliminate excel

5 Challenges In Using Spreadsheets For Meeting Management

Strategic meetings are an asset that can’t be replaced. If a business wants to grow, B2B strategic meetings need to be employed somewhere...

4 insights after event

4 Insights to Share with Your CMO After an Event

Anyone with experience in marketing knows an event can generate leads. Particularly in the B2B setting, events generate more leads...

spreadsheet analysis

The Case Against Spreadsheet-Based Meetings Management

Coordinating and executing meetings is hard enough, but managing with spreadsheet software...


Top 3 Benefits of Integrating a MAP into your CRM

Events play a fundamental role in a sales team’s ability to provide prospects with the best customer journey. Why? As a customer gets deeper...

Key Event Metrics Every Executive Should Track

Key Event Metrics Every Executive Should Track

An experienced marketer understands the benefits that come from events. Specifically, in the B2B space, events generate more leads than other….

5 Metrics to Help Measure Trade Show ROI

5 Metrics to Help Measure Trade Show ROI

Trade shows present an excellent opportunity for companies of all sizes to showcase new products, gather feedback from current customers and move prospects…

Integrating MAP With CRM

Integrating MAP With CRM Can Fuel Your Pipeline

Sales teams are tasked with nurturing leads and driving them to a sale. In order to do this, they need to maintain a clear record of communication...


How Event Marketers Will Leverage Technology In 2019

Thanks to technology, the trade show space continues to evolve. From digital mapping and augmented reality to IoT and predictive analytics, event...

Jifflenow Featured in


Featured in

Meeting scheduling can be the bane of an event planner’s existence. Anyone who has ever tried to coordinate multiple schedules in order  to book meetings or demos...

Man handing another man an award

Jifflenow Wins 2018 Aragon Research Innovation Award for MAP

Jifflenow has been named the winner of the 2018 Aragon Research Innovation Award for the Meeting Automation Platform (MAP) category…


Automation—the Next Big Step for Meetings Management?

Meeting automation is potentially positioning itself as the next technology to shake up the planning game. While apps and meeting….

financial institutions - bg

Jifflenow Announces Key Executive Appointments

Uday Bellary, Ravi Chalaka, and Darrin Simmons will lead finance and operations, marketing, and products for the world’s leading...

Laptop being held up by a small wooden prop sitting on a table next to a bigger computer

Meeting Automation Platform Category Projected to Grow to $3B by 2023

Aragon Research has identified Jifflenow as an emerging MAP pioneer. A MAP is an application that automates the workflow associated with...

meeting automation platform hero bg

Jifflenow Announces Jifflenow Event Meetings and Related Products

Jifflenow Event Meetings automates the scheduling, management and analysis

of strategic B2B