5 things your event scheduling software should be able to do

  With events becoming more and more complex, a lot of businesses are moving out of the obsolete excel-based workflow and towards a more tech-savvy solution. This has given rise to a number of comprehensive meeting management software that perform a number of tasks and functions. But with so many possible solutions out there, which […]

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Weighing up career options for B2B event professionals

The events industry is always an exciting place to be. Bringing people together, creating spectacular experiences and building new businesses. Events are celebrated around the world and being in the midst of all of this is considered a privilege – so you’re on the right track. Everyone wants their careers to grow and go places. […]

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Choosing a venue for your B2B Event: A checklist

The venue makes your event. You can dress the place up real nice, make it shine, invite the best speakers and have great food. But the first thing that’s going to make an impression on your attendee is the venue itself. Where you choose to host your event will dictate how your attendee perceives the […]

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How to keep leads warm long after a B2B event concludes

If you are a sales professional, you’ve definitely faced clueless customers who don’t know whether they’ve met you at all after a B2B event. But that’s only fair; your customers only remember you if your pitch was extremely memorable and meant something to their business. More often than not, sales teams put in the effort […]

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B2B Event Planning Lessons: Steve Jobs

It’s that time of the year again. Apple’s Keynote is set for September 7th, and everyone’s really excited. Apple has created a property for themselves with this event, and there are lessons for us from it. But this will be yet another Keynote without Steve Jobs, who shaped their product launches and personally delivered the […]

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10 influencers that are changing the way you approach B2B event marketing

It’s well known that social media is the new marketing platform. Brand influencers are those identities that have an immense amount of industry knowledge, often backed by first hand experience and provide expert opinions on specific subjects. They act as the ambassadors of thought leadership and trends. Not only do influencers offer their best foot […]

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event meeting management

Top 6 Reads: Smart Event Meeting Management For B2B Event Marketers

Event marketers are always on the lookout for creative ways to market their company and make the most out of their marketing budgets. Meeting management at events is one of the key processes that takes up most of their time and efforts. Here’s the good news: the internet is flooded with amazing content on various […]

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Pharma & HCP Meetings Best Practices – Thoughts from the Recent Global Pharma & Medical Meetings Summit

I was in Philadelphia last week to attend the 4th Annual Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit. I lived at the Monaco Hotel just next to the historic Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. It was invigorating living next to the sites of American history where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were debated […]

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HCEASummit, 2016

State of Healthcare & Pharma Event Marketing – Thoughts From HCEA Summit,2016

It was indeed a great pleasure to attend my very first HCEA summit. Chicago was cold and the snow helped me break some ice with everyone I met (see what I did there?). It was a great place to meet some of the leading stalwarts of the healthcare event industry and learn from them. Being […]

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top 5 sales blogs to follow

5 Sales Blogs You Should Follow – Part One

To say, no (sales) man is an island, is easier said than Donne. Sales folk understand how much work it takes to close a deal than just rely on the gift of the gab. Making a claim to solve a pain point to backing it up with numbers that matter – needs a bit of […]

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