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Jifflenow Sees Rapid Growth for its Virtual Meeting Solution, Surpassing 100 Virtual Events in Just Two Months

As enterprises concentrate on virtual B2B events to drive their sales pipeline due to canceled face-to-face events caused by the pandemic, Jifflenow’s cloud-based solution fills a critical need by automating the scheduling of complex, multi-person virtual customer meetings


When COVID-19 hit the US and Europe in February, the bottom fell out of the trade show industry. Almost immediately, thousands of enterprises whose sales pipelines relied heavily on multi-day industry and corporate events for in-person customer engagements were scrambling to minimize revenue impact. Many of them turned to Jifflenow to transition to virtual customer meetings as an integral part of their virtual events and digital marketing campaigns.

In the past two months, a fast-growing number of enterprises have pivoted from in-person events to launch over 100 virtual corporate and user conferences, each leveraging Jifflenow’s automation capabilities to schedule, manage and analyze the high-impact customer engagements that are a crucial element of every B2B sales process.

NetApp, a leading cloud data services company, used Jifflenow to convert a number of its events to digital. For example, in April they consolidated the European events into a single virtual event and leveraged Jifflenow to schedule all customer engagements in Paris time. This allowed the marketing and sales teams to transition previously planned crucial customer meetings in multiple cities into one digital event, and enabled product experts to join from many remote locations and time zones.

“Jifflenow swiftly transitioned us to a virtual meeting format so we could host customer meetings at digital events across multiple time zones,” said Anita Seth, Global VIP Program Marketing Manager for NetApp. “With this new virtual format, we are meeting with people we weren’t able to meet with before. And, because our prospects can bring their colleagues, we’re now connecting with new customers who weren’t previously on our radar.”

“We launched our Jifflenow Virtual Meetings capability in response to the cancellation of hundreds of conferences and other in-person events around the world,” said Hari Shetty, CEO of Jifflenow. “We’re already seeing a majority of enterprises expand their use of Jifflenow to include webinars, virtual field events, and other marketing campaigns because they can quickly schedule follow-up expert and executive meetings and demos with prospects who are interested to learn more about their products and services.”

Jifflenow automates live and virtual B2B meetings that drive sales

Business to business in-person and virtual meetings with customers, partners, and prospects result in sales growth and stronger partnerships — and advance the revenue pipeline. Most enterprises strive to have hundreds or even thousands of customer meetings from all events every year, representing a gigantic scheduling challenge for any customer events team. Jifflenow's Virtual Meetings capability seamlessly integrates all the necessary information about the customer, the opportunity, the purpose of the meeting, along with all the necessary meeting information such as date, time, and conferencing details.

About Jifflenow

Jifflenow is the world’s #1 Meeting Automation Platform (MAP) that helps marketing and sales teams to easily schedule, manage, and analyze a high volume of B2B in-person or virtual meetings from marketing campaigns, webinars, hybrid events, and virtual events. The Jifflenow software captures information about the customer, the opportunity, and purpose to ensure high-quality meetings that help enterprises advance the revenue pipeline. Jifflenow offers enterprise-class analytics, security, GDPR compliance, and integration with leading CRM, marketing automation, video conferencing, and virtual event management applications. Jifflenow is the most trusted MAP, with a customer roster that includes hundreds of enterprise customers and more than 60 Fortune 1000 companies. Based in San Jose, California, Jifflenow is backed by Accel, Saama Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Numeta Capital. For more information, visit