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Use Case

Briefing Center

Enable In-depth Customer Engagements at Experience Centers


Experience Centers Drive Business whether it is Virtual or In-person

Key customers, prospects, and partners need access to detailed briefings.

  • Highly customized and customer-centric dialogue between key decision makers from high potential accounts and the host company
  • Participating executives and SMEs have the expertise and a deep understanding of the customer's expectations
  • Exceptional opportunity for relationship building and customer insights that might inform the host company's future strategies and solutions

Jifflenow Briefing Center Solution Simplifies the Process

Jifflenow’s solution for customer experience centers is unique because it supports both in-person and virtual customer briefings.

  • Supports multiple time zones to schedule remote attendees
  • Integrates with video conferencing software
  • Enables briefing managers to book multiple engagement types
  • Sales team can easily request meetings from within Salesforce CRM
  • Customize for your environment, scheduling needs, and rules to manage approvals
  • Agenda builder and customizable briefing request forms

Briefings Influence Revenue Pipeline

The meeting automation software for scheduling briefings makes it easy for experience center managers and sales to drive more customer engagements. With the option to connect with attendees virtually, organizations can book more interactions with more customers irrespective of location and time zones. More briefings drive more sales pipeline that drive more revenue and customer satisfaction.

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