Event marketing MWC 2016

Top 3 Takeaways From MWC 2016 On B2B Event Management

What an experience it is to be at MWC! The product launches, keynotes and amazing networking opportunities make MWC the most coveted event for both Marketing and Sales. Like every year, the Jifflenow team came back with some great takeaways on the future of technology and what it means for the future of event marketing. […]

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event meeting management

Top 6 Reads: Smart Event Meeting Management For B2B Event Marketers

Event marketers are always on the lookout for creative ways to market their company and make the most out of their marketing budgets. Meeting management at events is one of the key processes that takes up most of their time and efforts. Here’s the good news: the internet is flooded with amazing content on various […]

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Drive More Traffic To Your Booth By Scheduling More B2B Meetings At Events

Attending trade shows and large-scale industry events can be an expensive affair. Prior to the event, a company’s marketing team toils hard to get the logistics right. A significant portion of their event budget is spent on booth space, travel and stay for company executives, and customer engagement activities.Venue space at events is quite expensive. […]

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B2B Event Marketing

The 8 Absolute Must-Haves To Become An Event Rockstar

“The good-to-great leaders never wanted to become larger-than-life heroes. . .They were seemingly ordinary people quietly producing extraordinary results.”   – James C. Collins in “Good to great: why some companies make the leap. . . and others don’t.” When I started my career as Customer Success Evangelist for Jifflenow, I was fascinated by my […]

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NRF 2016

How NRF 2016 Reinforced The Importance Of Building Human Connections In Our Digital Lives

  “Human interaction must disrupt our increasingly digital lives” tweeted Michael Chase at #nrf16. The NRF 2016 event floor was jam packed with hundreds of attendees curious to know about the next big thing in retail. Through an array of keynotes and discussions on how digital technology is reinventing the retail industry, I could grasp a […]

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HCEASummit, 2016

State of Healthcare & Pharma Event Marketing – Thoughts From HCEA Summit,2016

It was indeed a great pleasure to attend my very first HCEA summit. Chicago was cold and the snow helped me break some ice with everyone I met (see what I did there?). It was a great place to meet some of the leading stalwarts of the healthcare event industry and learn from them. Being […]

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Top 5 Event Marketing Takeaways From CES 2016

  CES 2016 was an extraordinary event in more ways than one. More than 170,000 people flocked to Las Vegas to witness an expansive display of the latest consumer gadgetry. However, unlike previous years, large-scale industry events are no more used as mere launch pads for next generation technologies. They are increasingly used for marketing […]

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Top 5 blogs for event marketers

Top 5 Blogs For Event Marketers

  Last month, we covered a list of best sales blogs around the web. This month we bring to you the most informative resources for Event Marketers. The web is inundated with so much content on the events industry that it is hard to filter out what caters to your specific needs. If you are […]

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Infographic – The B2B Event Marketer Of The Future

In this infographic, we bring to you 8 best practices that event marketers need to follow while hosting successful B2B sales meetings. An event marketer needs to partly think like a marketer and partly like a sales executive. Like a marketer means that she will have to plan well in advance for meetings in order to […]

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B2B events and trade shows

Events: A Multi-Billion $ Sales Opportunity

When field marketing managers are asked about their priorities at conferences and tradeshows, most of them rank lead generation, branding, crowd engagement, and badge scans as their top most priority. On the sidelines of these activities centered around the company’s booth, sales personnel meet customers and prospects in order to close deals, grow accounts, and maintain relationships […]

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