Standardize Meeting Automation Across Hundreds of your Company’s Events

Gain Efficiency and Visibility from All Types and Sizes of Events and Increase Sales Pipeline

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We met with the Vice President of Global Events from a large American multinational company and found that a major contributor to event success was B2B customer meetings.

Learn how her team managed a large volume of meetings with key customers, prospects and partners, which had a direct impact on their sales pipeline and revenue!

Scheduling, managing, and tracking all B2B meetings across all types and sizes of events can be easily standardized based on a common platform across all business units’ marketing and sales functions.

Download the paper to learn:

  • What are the game-changing strategies for marketing and sales operations
  • How or whether customer meetings are scheduled? What the impact of more meetings looks like.
  • How customers view meetings at smaller events
  • How ROI impacts different types of events

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