Looking back at 2015

Number of pre-scheduled meetings at events increased across industries

More sales executives adopted event management apps

More pre-scheduled meetings actually happened thanks to meeting alerts on mobiles

As a result of pre-booking, there was higher acceptance of meeting invites by senior executives

CRM-event technology integration increased with more focus on sales advancement

Key Findings

Key findings (2015 vs 2014)


Trends For 2016

Sales and Marketing
co-ordination will be more dependent on event technologies

Convergence of multiple tools into one platform for both internal and external meetings

Companies will allocate higher budgets for marketing at events and use more tools

Marketing will focus
more on sales advancement using event technology platforms

Technology will enable more personalized customer interactions

Marketing and Sales strategy will be shaped using big data and predictive analysis

2016 will mark the year of transition of passive attendees into active participants


In this report, we predict upcoming trends in sales advancement and meeting management technologies at B2B events in 2016. All the data used in this the report has been collected from Fortune 1000 companies' usage of Jifflenow's meeting technology.