Is it really possible to double your sales pipeline?

Demand generation experts agree that Events are the best places to boost your Sales Pipeline. Events are replacing other marketing tactics. But how do you make it easier to boost your company’s sales pipeline?


That’s the first step to improvement. And what better way to measure than to use Jifflenow to measure your meetings and gain actionable insights.

When you schedule so many meetings with other B2B meeting attendees, you need a solution custom built to solve this specific problem. After all, what else are you going to do, use Excel?

Here’s how Jifflenow can help you 2x your pipeline

meet customersMeet More Prospects

meeting remindersSend meeting reminders to all attendees

is-it-really-possible-to-double-your-sales-pipelineEdit and reschedule meetings quickly

optimize timeOptimize your internal attendee’s time

meeting-management-processPrioritize Meetings By Deal Size

attribute deal sizeAttribute deal size for each meeting

is-it-really-possible-to-double-your-sales-pipelineGet a company-wide, event specific macro view on meetings

prioritizing meetingOptional approvals for prioritizing meeting requests and executives’ time

meet customersPut Your Best Foot Forward

attach meeting docAttach briefing documents to each meeting request

your-sales-pipelineSchedule, manage & optimize activities like booth duty, registration desk, shifts

sales-pipelineEliminate double bookings for attendees and meeting rooms

sales-pipelineBolster Your CRM

Jifflenow APIs to integrateUse Jifflenow APIs to integrate meeting management with third-party registration

sales-pipelineWork with the Jifflenow team to build custom integrations with your tools

mobile appIntegrate with event mobile apps to edit meetings, view schedules and calendar

Jifflenow is a sales advancement solution which helps you have more meaningful face to face meetings at events. You can now give your CMO substantial metrics that will be appreciated, rather than vanity social metrics.

We would be thrilled to show you how we can help you! Leave your details below, and we’ll show you a quick demo on how this works!