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Jifflenow Revolutionizes Marketing and Sales with Intelligent “Inbound Meetings” Capabilities

By embedding Jifflenow Inbound Meetings capabilities into virtual events, webinars and other digital marketing initiatives, B2B marketers can increase attendee engagement, boost ROI, and expand sales pipelines


Last year, thousands of in-person trade shows and corporate events drove millions of customer meetings—a key driver of sales pipelines. With many of those in-person events now taking place virtually, attendee engagement at virtual events has become a major challenge for marketers. In particular, enterprises need a mechanism to generate the B2B meetings that are so crucial for advancing prospects through the sales funnel.

Jifflenow has just announced a solution to help convert interested prospects to opportunities. Jifflenow’s new Inbound Meetings feature enables marketing and sales teams to drive exponentially more customer meetings by letting prospects or customers who are attending a virtual event request a B2B meeting, such as a 1-to-1 briefing, VIP briefing, Meet the Expert meeting, or a private demonstration, with appropriate executives, experts, and team members.

“By empowering attendees at virtual events to book informational meetings with the appropriate internal resources, marketers can boost attendee engagement and advance prospects along the sales cycle,” said Hari Shetty, founder and CEO of Jifflenow. “Jifflenow Inbound Meetings capability empowers attendees to request a meeting and simplifies what is otherwise a complex manual process of aligning people, resources, and schedules.”

Designed specifically for marketers, the Jifflenow Inbound Meetings capability completely automates customer meeting set-up so that marketers can book any number of follow-up customer meetings during a virtual event. Jifflenow can be integrated into virtual events, webinars, websites, and a wide range of other digital marketing programs.

Designed for enterprise B2B sales. Powerful and customizable.

Unlike basic meeting scheduling services used by small businesses and individuals, Jifflenow’s Inbound Meetings feature is designed specifically for enterprises and can interface with multiple enterprise calendaring systems, CMS systems, video conferencing systems, marketing automation and virtual event management software. It can be configured to qualify the intent and urgency of the requester and can suggest the various types of meetings and topics of interest that are available.

User-defined rules can completely automate the scheduling of a customer briefing or a Meet the Expert meeting, or alternately notify designated sales personnel to vet and approve the next steps for any meeting request.

Poly, a global communications company that powers meaningful human connection and collaboration, is one of numerous other innovative enterprises that is successfully using Jifflenow Inbound Meeting capability to drive B2B customer engagements from marketing activities that include virtual events.

“With buyers taking a more proactive approach in the buyer journey, it’s important that marketing and sales teams empower qualified and motivated prospects and customers to book meetings with the appropriate internal resources,” said Ravi Chalaka, head of product management and CMO of Jifflenow. “Our mission is to help enterprises drive more marketing-qualified meetings (MQMs) before, during and after events, webinars, and digital campaigns.”

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