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Drive Actionable Insights To Establish The Value Your Strategic Meetings Deliver

Jifflenow Meeting Insights

Dashboards For 

All Your Analytical Needs



Validate the success of meetings at events


Locations and spaces

Maximize meeting room and space utilization 

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Evaluate the effectiveness of executives and internal attendees

Dashboards For 

All Your Analytical Needs

jifflenow events analytics dashboard

Event Dashboard

  • Gain a bird’s eye view of the event
  • Track every engagement across the event
  • Analyze the spread of meetings across customers, meeting types, and topics
  • Gauge outcomes against event goals

Executive Briefing Center dashboard

  • Obtain an in-depth view of meetings and engagements across every briefing visit
  • Attribute opportunities and closed deals to Executive Briefing Centers 
  • Analyze feedback from briefing center visits
  • Track resource utilization and gauge performance
EBC analytics dashboard - screen

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