We will always be pioneers. Even though Jifflenow has grown significantly in the past few years, all of us are still trailblazers. We are still brave, hard-working, and prepared to rough it out there. We still seek better ways of doing things, we still invent, and we still ship innovative products and features. People rely on our products to excel at their most important work. And we will never disappoint them.

We Put Customers First

We are always around, when our customers need us. Always! Every single hour!

It’s A Jungle Gym

We grow by learning new things and through experience. Not by climbing upwards.

We Solve Real Business Problems

We believe in the change we are making because it is real.

Work-Life Integration

Our work is a part of our life, and doesn’t need to be balanced out. We own our work with pride.

The Journey Has Just Begun

There is much to be done. It’s going to be a special journey, building this company one feature at a time.

Write on walls

Take pride in your work

Stretch: Your body loves it. So do customers!

Work hard. Laugh Harder.

Great minds build together.

You don’t need a reason to be goofy.

A Jiffler’s Day*