Experience a 50% increase in event ROI

If events are a big part of your marketing strategy, you will know how important it is to convert leads and maximize returns. Most companies find it difficult to measure event ROI, let alone optimize the sales process to boost it.

Here’s how we can help you significantly boost event ROI

Meet more customers

Jifflenow’s badge scanner interface lets you collect lead information and request meetings on the go.

Close deals faster

Access insightful meeting data to drive customers through the sales cycle.

Keep track of conversations

Harness Jifflenow’s CRM integrations to keep track of every customer interaction and use this data to nurture leads.

Quantify success

Generate comprehensive custom reports and quantify your sales team’s success at events.

meet customersSchedule Meetings and Meet More Customers

schedule meetings importantSchedule meetings according to what is important to you - attendee calendar, time slot or meeting space

formsUse custom web forms to invite meeting requests from attendees

badge scannerIntegrate with badge scanners to check attendees in or schedule walk-in meetings

sales-pipelineSchedule meetings directly from your CRM interface

preparationBetter Preparation

meeting agendaSet detailed meeting agendas

reportsPrepare sales teams with briefing reports

close deals fasterLeverage account-specific information that will help them close deals faster

deal-progressMonitor Deal Progress

sales cycleKeep a close tab on deals as they progress through the sales cycle

progressAttribute progress to your event

analyze metricsAnalyze key metrics to track progress and plan follow-ups key metrics to track progress and plan follow-ups

reporting analyticsSmarter Reporting and Analytics

custom reportsGenerate custom reports to gauge your sales team’s efficiency at events

deal-progressEvaluate the impact of 1:1 meetings on event ROI by analysing the sales pipeline

meeting agendaUse meeting data to measure success rate at events

approve-meeting-requests-with-jifflenowCapture post-event feedback from attendees with custom forms

Jifflenow is a sales advancement platform that facilitates meaningful 1:1 interactions at events. You can now give your CMO visible and transparent metrics that go beyond social engagement.

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