Customer Case Study

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Managing meeting rooms at Sibos

How one company increased the number of meetings scheduled with fewer meeting rooms


At Sibos, the customer was unable to schedule enough meetings per room. They were worried about ending up with very few customer meetings and having executives around without much to do.


The company managed to schedule 40% more meetings year on year at Sibos and did not need to use any third party locations. They were able to accommodate all meetings by optimizing meeting rooms at the exhibit and reduce unnecessary expenditure.


Jifflenow’s meeting scheduling software made it easy for sales to find rooms and relevant executives for their meetings. Event planners did not have to worry about manually maintaining room availability, making last-minute scheduling changes, or inability to estimate room usage rates.

The Metrics


meetings were scheduled


customers met


average meetings per room

”It definitely saved my sanity…I don’t think I could go back managing rooms via spreadsheet after using this.”
Ethan M. Event Planner

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