Customer Case Study

24 Exhibitors Meet & Track >16,000 Customer Meetings

Mobile World Congress is massive. With Jifflenow, companies ensured they had
pre-planned meetings, better executive usage, and tracked pipeline discussions


Without Jifflenow, these companies were struggling to plan and track their meetings at the event. Meeting Managers were manually managing and optimizing meeting rooms at events via Excel. Company executives were often hard to find when there was an important customer to meet.


Jifflenow became the single platform on which these teams scheduled, managed, and analyzed all the meetings at the event. This led to more systematic meeting planning and better customer experience. This also helped the events teams at these companies to establish the pipeline impact of investing in MWC.


The difference was plain and simple. Exhibitors that used Jifflenow had smooth traffic flows at their booths and meeting check-in counters. Their executives knew when and where they had to be at meetings. Event teams were able to calculate the pipeline built and influenced at the event.

The Metrics


increase in meetings


increase in customers met


increase in executive utilization


customers Met

” Show was a smashing success, and your tool was a big part of that ”
Daniel B. Business Development Executive

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