Customer Case Study

Eliminating Excel sheets from CES meetings

Multibillion $ Semiconductor Manufacturer

With Jifflenow, Meeting Managers never use Excel sheets or Outlook calendars.


CES was one of the largest tradeshows for this customer. At previous shows Sales had to deal with multiple back and forth emails to schedule a single meeting. Meeting managers were indundated with multiple meeting requests and managed them using Excel.


Jifflenow’s meeting standardized the request flow and eliminated any need for back and forth emails. Meeting managers no longer tracked meeting requests on spreadsheets as Jifflenow handled all these requests.


Using Jifflenow, the sales team effortlessly requested hundreds of meetings which meeting managers quickly approved and managed. All meeting requests got updated on everyone’s calendars in the right time zones and last-minute changes were handled easily as well.

The Metrics


Executives scheduled




increase in meetings confirmed

” The sales guys really like it. They really appreciate not having to use Outlook or email the EA to book meetings. This eliminates the back and forth ”
James G. Event Manager

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