Close 2X more deals by
optimizing executive calendars

At events, your sales executives make up your front line. They work in tandem with customers to address their needs and show them how your company solves their pain points. But sometimes, customer meetings require an executive presence to complement the pitch. These deals may have a significantly higher deal size and may have a direct affect your event ROI. But how do you prioritize these deals and drive them to closure?

Here’s how you can streamline your executive’s calendars for greater meeting success

Ensure the right people are present

Some deals need VPs, CXOs or SMEs in order to progress the deal. Access and block attendee calendars by time slot throughout the day of the event.

Prioritize meetings

Mark attendees as optional. This way they can prioritize meetings that they think are more important.

Communicate meeting updates

Meeting plans can change. With Jifflenow, you can seamlessly communicate changes in your meeting schedule through in-app notifications.

Avoid scheduling errors

Do away with no-shows and double-bookings with Jifflenow’s smart meeting management interface.

meeting-management-processSchedule Meetings the Smart Way

schedule meetings importantSchedule meetings according to what is important to you - attendee calendars, meeting spaces or time slots

choosing-the-right-technologyAssign the right meeting type - 1:1 meetings, booth tours or demos

optional meetingAccess and block attendee calendars by time slot throughout the day of the event

Prioritize MeetingsPrioritize Meetings

get executivesGet VPs, CXOs or SMEs to sit in on meetings to progress the deals

optional meetingMark attendees as optional so they can prioritize meetings that are more important

optimize timeCommunicate Meeting Updates

meeting-management-processManage last minute changes and update meeting requests seamlessly

app notificationsSeamlessly communicate changes in meeting schedules through in-app notifications

meeting remindersEnsure attendees don’t miss meetings by sending them meeting reminders

Jifflenow is a sales advancement platform that facilitates meaningful 1:1 interactions at events. You can now give your CMO visible and transparent metrics that go beyond social engagement.

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