There is no idea that is a crazy idea

When we decided to create Jifflenow, we were convinced there was a need in the market for a better way to schedule meetings at live events. The delight of our clients bears testament to our original belief and spurs us to continually try new ideas, innovate and expand.

If it ain’t broke we still fix it

It doesn’t matter how small the problem or who spotted it – when we find it, we fix it. We’ve always got our eyes on the ball and our customers’ best experience in mind.

Transparency & Trust

While we thrive on competition, we always respect each Jiffler’s contribution and maintain a high level of integrity to accomplish our goals.

There’s always room for improvement

Whether it is building on the product or accommodating the unique requests of our customers, we’re never satisfied with the status quo. We constantly strive to improve and move forward.

Great doesn’t cut it

With a good product comes great responsibility. While we work every day to address the current needs of our customers, we also make it a point to be clued in to the needs of the industry and what our customers will need in the future. Only by thinking ahead can we be true leaders and achieve true excellence.


Flag off your successes

We value achievement, big or small. And we like to shout it from the mountain tops, and our cubicles.

Make your thoughts stick

There is always space at the Jifflenow sticky wall. Whatever you consider noteworthy will find its spot on the wall. Write it. Stick it.

Write on walls

At Jifflenow it isn’t uncommon to find Gantt Charts and Architecture diagrams sketched on glass walls. It is utilitarian after all.

Be aware of your surroundings

We like our sports. Don’t be surprised if colleagues indulge in a mid-day game of catch or trip over a gym bag.

Keep an eye on the food

There is always something to munch on. Keep an eye out for the ones hovering around the munchies.