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Strategic B2B meetings have significant impact on a company’s growth. Event teams, however, know that many things can go wrong with scheduling, managing, tracking, and producing metrics for strategic meetings at events. Leading Fortune 1000 companies have discovered that using a Meeting Automation Platform (MAP) is immensely effective in managing even high volumes of strategic meetings.

Customer Engagements require a Meeting Automation Platform (MAP)

MAP enables you to automate the scheduling, management, and analysis of both in-person and virtual meetings. The cloud-based software integrates with marketing, sales, and event software and eliminates manual processes such as back and forth emails, scheduling conflicts, and lack of meeting metrics.

Jifflenow, innovator of the

World’s #1 Meeting Automation Platform provides:


Reduction in meeting scheduling efforts


Increase in Customer meetings


Influenced Revenue

Meeting Types

Product Demo

Executive Meetings

Meet The Expert

Sales Meetings

Roundtable Discussion

Virtual Sessions

Drive Customer Engagement through Virtual and Hybrid Events

Hybrid Meeting

These events can be organized across geographies and for vertical markets, thereby increasing the audience reach manifold. You can engage virtual and hybrid event attendees to generate qualified meetings that can be scheduled over many days or weeks after the event. Leverage a meeting automation platform that integrates with the virtual event portal to manage direct meeting requests from attendees.

Top Ways to drive 1000s of B2B Customer Meetings

Outbound Meetings

Outbound meetings are sales-initiated meetings where Meeting Managers (MM) sync with Account Executives (AE) to help book hundreds of meetings. The Account Executive needs access to the right experts, executives, available time slots, and confirmation sent out as efficiently and quickly as possible, and the MM needs to look at the planned programs, engagement types, reporting, and more.

The easiest way to do this is by leveraging a MAP. All the registration data from the virtual event or program/campaign can be connected to a Meeting Automation platform either manually or automatically through an API. The Sales team can look at the people attending and who they would like to book meetings with. They can then submit a request either through the CRM such as Salesforce or through the Meeting Automation platform’s web app. The right resources are assigned and the necessary technical aspects such as video conferencing tools are taken care of.

Meeting Managers can then see, schedule, and manage all the requests that are sales initiated and approve them either manually or automatically.

Inbound Meetings

Inbound, as the name suggests is the opposite of outbound. Instead of a Sales person requesting a meeting, attendees themselves request to schedule a meeting. At virtual events, attendees could be attending a keynote or a session and something might pique their interest. If they want to learn more about it, instead of reaching out to a sales person, they could simply book a meeting by clicking on links that are inserted in the virtual event environment.

Another way to drive inbound meetings is to provide these links in digital marketing campaigns such as ads, emails, landing pages, etc. One can also embed the inbound meetings feature as an iFrame within the Virtual and Hybrid Event experience page. The meeting requests can be customized for different meeting types such as. ‘Ask for a Demo’, ‘Meet an Expert’ or ‘Sign up for a session’. As these requests come from interested prospects/customers themselves, the chances of the meeting being a success are much higher.

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