Corporate Event Planning 101: The day of the event

  In our previous blog posts, we covered some fundamentals of planning the perfect event experience. We recommend you give these a read before going ahead with this blog post:   Creating the perfect event plan. Structuring the event budget and forming strategic partnerships. Picking the perfect venue and initiating marketing. Organizing logistics. Two weeks […]

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Corporate Event Planning 101: 2 weeks to D-day

The blog series so far has covered some of the biggest tasks in Corporate event planning. Read our older blog posts on: Creating the perfect event plan. Structuring the event budget and forming strategic partnerships. Picking the perfect venue and initiating marketing. Organizing logistics. It’s the final leg before your event takes flight. Logistics are […]

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Corporate Event Planning 101: Logistics

You’re finally a month away from the event and there’s a lot of running around to do. Your event agenda takes center stage and there’s a lot to do in terms of getting your event agenda just right. The next step in moving forward with the plan is organizing logistics for your event. In our […]

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Corporate Event Planning 101: Budgeting and partnerships

Following up from our previous blog post, here is part two of a seven-part blog series on B2B event planning. Creating a budget for your event is usually done in parallel with the ideation phase. The budget is one of the most challenging parts of the event plan because event planners do not give it […]

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Corporate Event Planning 101: Creating the perfect B2B Event.

  This is part one of a seven-part blog series that will teach you to ideate, develop, execute, follow-up and measure your event from start to finish. Corporate event planning is not as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot of effort that goes into creating a memorable experience. The event, essentially, should not only […]

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Gearing up for when you are 30 days away from your B2B event

  Events are infinitely complex. There’s always so many things that you need to get just right to plan and execute a successful event campaign. You can seldom rely on things to go according to plan. But there are ways to ensure that event executives that plan meetings at trade shows and conferences have a […]

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How a meeting scheduling software makes for better productivity

With technology taking center stage in the modern workplace, it has become important to stay abreast with technological trends to boost productivity. Over the last two decades, technology has drastically reshaped the way organizations work. Industry leaders need to adapt to these changes to ensure that they use technology in an effective way, to stay […]

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Weighing up career options for B2B event professionals

The events industry is always an exciting place to be. Bringing people together, creating spectacular experiences and building new businesses. Events are celebrated around the world and being in the midst of all of this is considered a privilege – so you’re on the right track. Everyone wants their careers to grow and go places. […]

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Choosing a venue for your B2B Event: A checklist

The venue makes your event. You can dress the place up real nice, make it shine, invite the best speakers and have great food. But the first thing that’s going to make an impression on your attendee is the venue itself. Where you choose to host your event will dictate how your attendee perceives the […]

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Infographic – The B2B Event Marketer Of The Future

In this infographic, we bring to you 8 best practices that event marketers need to follow while hosting successful B2B sales meetings. An event marketer needs to partly think like a marketer and partly like a sales executive. Like a marketer means that she will have to plan well in advance for meetings in order to […]

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