5 things your event scheduling software should be able to do

  With events becoming more and more complex, a lot of businesses are moving out of the obsolete excel-based workflow and towards a more tech-savvy solution. This has given rise to a number of comprehensive meeting management software that perform a number of tasks and functions. But with so many possible solutions out there, which […]

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How to keep leads warm long after a B2B event concludes

If you are a sales professional, you’ve definitely faced clueless customers who don’t know whether they’ve met you at all after a B2B event. But that’s only fair; your customers only remember you if your pitch was extremely memorable and meant something to their business. More often than not, sales teams put in the effort […]

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B2B Event Planning Lessons: Steve Jobs

It’s that time of the year again. Apple’s Keynote is set for September 7th, and everyone’s really excited. Apple has created a property for themselves with this event, and there are lessons for us from it. But this will be yet another Keynote without Steve Jobs, who shaped their product launches and personally delivered the […]

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Why analyzing these metrics at B2B events is crucial

Events are more than just a chance to build brand awareness. They are venues to bring in customers, build a healthy sales pipeline and close deals. But how do you know if your events are delivering good results? Any sales professional knows that racking up numbers is only half the battle. The other half is […]

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What this Sushi chef can teach you about B2B Event Marketing

Jiro dreams of Sushi is a documentary, that follows around Jiro Ono, the (now) 90-year old sushi chef exhibiting his craft, and detailing the story of how he got there. The documentary is peppered with multiple instances of ever-quotable lines (like, “I would make sushi in my dreams” or “ Ultimate simplicity leads to purity”). […]

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Applying Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation to B2B Event Marketing

The classic theory of Human Motivation, also known as the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ was devised by American Psychologist, Abraham Maslow in the year 1943. It remains today as one of the greatest theories in understanding human needs and personal development. The theory was based on the assumption that unfulfilled needs warrant actions that are directed […]

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Stepping up your staff management regime at events

Choosing the staff for your events might seem simple enough – you just pick people on your payroll and assign them tasks according to their competencies. But all your staff, big and small, play an important role in the success of your event. Who you choose, and how they are organised goes a long way in […]

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Approaching event ROI from a sales pipeline standpoint

B2B events have greatly evolved from what they have been in yesteryears. They are now exorbitant affairs involving enormous budgets. Event marketers put in a lot of time and effort into creation and execution during the days leading to the event but forget that measuring the impact is just as important. One tangible way of […]

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Choose The Right B2B Event Technology In 10 Easy Steps

The last couple of years were marked by the advent of smart event technologies that have redefined the way B2B events are managed.  The surge in new event technology has been so steep that you are probably inundated with an app for almost everything. The temptation to make the most of these apps can cause […]

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Using Meeting Scheduling Apps During Events

Mobile apps are now a critical part of every event and trade show. In this blog we take a comprehensive look at how 1:1 meeting scheduling apps are defining the mobile aspect of B2B events. There was a time when softwares like Microsoft Excel and Outlook were turnkey solutions for event planners. Although they are […]

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