Corporate Event Planning 101: Logistics

You’re finally a month away from the event and there’s a lot of running around to do. Your event agenda takes center stage and there’s a lot to do in terms of getting your event agenda just right. The next step in moving forward with the plan is organizing logistics for your event. In our […]

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Corporate Event Planning 101: Venues and marketing

According to a report from the International Association of Conference Centres, “Meetings objectives have stayed the same, but the physical design, inclusion of technology, and emphasis on ‘experiences’ will play an integral role.” In our previous blog, we showed you ways to structure your budget and strategic event partnerships. After the budget has been put […]

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Corporate Event Planning 101: Budgeting and partnerships

Following up from our previous blog post, here is part two of a seven-part blog series on B2B event planning. Creating a budget for your event is usually done in parallel with the ideation phase. The budget is one of the most challenging parts of the event plan because event planners do not give it […]

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Corporate Event Planning 101: Creating the perfect B2B Event.

  This is part one of a seven-part blog series that will teach you to ideate, develop, execute, follow-up and measure your event from start to finish. Corporate event planning is not as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot of effort that goes into creating a memorable experience. The event, essentially, should not only […]

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Gearing up for when you are 30 days away from your B2B event

  Events are infinitely complex. There’s always so many things that you need to get just right to plan and execute a successful event campaign. You can seldom rely on things to go according to plan. But there are ways to ensure that event executives that plan meetings at trade shows and conferences have a […]

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How a meeting scheduling software makes for better productivity

With technology taking center stage in the modern workplace, it has become important to stay abreast with technological trends to boost productivity. Over the last two decades, technology has drastically reshaped the way organizations work. Industry leaders need to adapt to these changes to ensure that they use technology in an effective way, to stay […]

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5 things your event scheduling software should be able to do

  With events becoming more and more complex, a lot of businesses are moving out of the obsolete excel-based workflow and towards a more tech-savvy solution. This has given rise to a number of comprehensive meeting management software that perform a number of tasks and functions. But with so many possible solutions out there, which […]

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How to keep leads warm long after a B2B event concludes

If you are a sales professional, you’ve definitely faced clueless customers who don’t know whether they’ve met you at all after a B2B event. But that’s only fair; your customers only remember you if your pitch was extremely memorable and meant something to their business. More often than not, sales teams put in the effort […]

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B2B Event Planning Lessons: Steve Jobs

It’s that time of the year again. Apple’s Keynote is set for September 7th, and everyone’s really excited. Apple has created a property for themselves with this event, and there are lessons for us from it. But this will be yet another Keynote without Steve Jobs, who shaped their product launches and personally delivered the […]

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Why analyzing these metrics at B2B events is crucial

Events are more than just a chance to build brand awareness. They are venues to bring in customers, build a healthy sales pipeline and close deals. But how do you know if your events are delivering good results? Any sales professional knows that racking up numbers is only half the battle. The other half is […]

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