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Jifflenow is for CMOs

Manage All Customer Programs On One B2B Meeting Software Interface. Make Marketing a Cost of Sale

Greater ROI on Marketing Spend


The business impact of events has always been difficult to establish. Jifflenow tracks and measure all customer interactions and clearly calculates the revenue impact of these channels.

Unparalleled Marketing & Sales Coordination

Integrating meeting scheduling and management with empowers Sales to close deals. It also provides Marketing with a clearer picture of results they drive. Jifflenow serves as the technical base that drives this Sales & Marketing partnership.

Establish the Revenue Impact from Events

Event marketing teams haven’t found it as straightforward as digital channels to determine the cost per customer and ROI. Well, not any more.


Why CMOs Love Jifflenow

Visibility into the actual revenue impact of investments in events

Better understanding of key customer interactions and touch points that close deals

Better Sales & Marketing coordination across events

Marketing teams shine by delivering memorable customer experiences

Higher team satisfaction due to reduced manual scheduling & operational activities

Jifflenow & Salesforce integration becomes a pivotal Sales and Marketing stack combination

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