Get rid of the obsolete meeting management process

Did you know that It takes an average of 14 mails to confirm a meeting?

With tools like Excel and Outlook, there are so many things that can go wrong. If you are having a tough time getting customers to accept meeting requests, we have just the thing for you!

Take a look at how Jifflenow can help you find a way around this

Set the context

Customers are 65% more likely to accept meeting requests that have a detailed agenda. Include a detailed meeting agenda to get more confirmed customer meetings.

Avoid scheduling mishaps

Do away with time-zone errors and double bookings by utilizing a more effective meeting management interface.


Build meeting requests based on what you feel is most important – time slot, attendees or meeting rooms.


Minimize no-shows by setting meeting reminders. Attendees can now be updated on meeting status through in-app notifications and reminders.

meeting-management-processSchedule Meetings The Smart Way

without spreadsheets outlookDo away with obsolete meeting scheduling tools like spreadsheets and Outlook

schedule meetings importantSchedule meetings according to what is important to you - time slots, attendee schedules or meeting rooms

right type of meetingsSchedule the right type of B2B meetings - 1:1 meetings, booth tours, product demos

avoid scheduling errorsAvoid Scheduling Mishaps

meeting schedulingCreate meeting requests based on attendee time slots

meeting-management-processEdit and reschedule meetings quickly

meeting remindersSend meeting reminders before the meeting begins

set contextSet the Context

set detailed agendaSet detailed agendas

attach briefing docAttach briefing documents to each meeting request

Prioritize MeetingsPrioritize Meetings

get executivesGet the CXOs, VPs and SMEs to attend meetings

optional meetingMark attendees as optional so they can prioritize deals that are important

Jifflenow is a sales advancement platform that facilitates meaningful 1:1 interactions at events. You can now give your CMO visible and transparent metrics that go beyond social engagement.

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