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Jifflenow Briefing Centers

Schedule, Manage, and Analyze all B2B Meetings with an Intuitive and Customizable Briefing Software

Briefing Centers and Customer Experience Centers are quintessential tools for companies that want to foster better customer engagement and build business relationships. Many briefing professionals are challenged with using a manual process based on spreadsheets and emails. Jifflenow Briefing Centers software breaks down these challenges by supporting briefing workflows to help sales and marketing teams request briefings, plan agendas, schedule meetings, conduct surveys and analyze data all from a single software solution.

Enable Executive Briefing Center Meetings

Intuitive User Experience

Intuitive User Experience

Simple-to-navigate workflows to request a briefing, build agendas, invite participants, approve briefing requests, send surveys to presenters and attendees.

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Customizable Workflows

Not a one-size-fits-all solution. Personalize the software for your environments, scheduling needs, and rules to manage approvals and customer visits.

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Unmatched Value

The software not only delivers unmatched value in terms of features and capabilities but also offers the benefits of Jifflenow’s Meeting Automation Platform.

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Request Briefings from Within Salesforce

Schedule, Manage and Analyze your briefing program, all on the Salesforce platform. All the briefing can be easily mapped to campaign on Salesforce

Customer Briefings
customize briefing experiences

Schedule and customize briefing experiences

  • Book and coordinate briefing visits
  • Handle travel and concierge services
  • Create collaborative briefing agendas

Manage briefing requests and boost productivity

  • Assign executives, SMEs, and topics
  • Check-in attendees seamlessly
  • Get printable agenda reports
boost productivity
Analyze briefings and establish impact

Analyze briefings and establish impact

  • Send post-briefing surveys
  • Attribute opportunities and closed deals to every briefing visit
  • Generate standard and custom reports on-demand

Watch how 

Plantronics transforms its 

Executive Briefing Program

"It’s been a breath of fresh air. I’ve been able to take a step back and focus on the things that really deserve my attention."

– Parasto Shamlou 

Senior Global Executive Briefing Center Specialist